Salesforce and Working Remotely

Salesforce Remote Working

Are you working remotely? Here are some tips on how to keep learning and, more importantly, socialising when being predominantly home-based. 

This could be your opportunity to upskill yourself. However, it’s important to remember to retain all the social contact and support the Salesforce community offers.


Trailhead Live

Trailhead, including the new Trailhead Live.

Do you have family or friends also working in Salesforce? Why not help train them? This is one of the best ways to learn yourself because it forces you to think more deeply about the topics at hand. The beauty of this approach is that you can use free tools such as Google Meet to facilitate this, even if you aren’t based in the same room. It’s also an excuse to socialise.

A final point on this topic, Trailhead is already gamified, but why not spice it up slightly by joining TopTrailblazers to give yourself some competitive incentive.

Join the Trailblazer Conversation

The community and the conversations, help answer questions or seek the expertise for those improvements that you’ve been wanting to make but have never quite had the time.


PluralSight have an extensive well-regarded Salesforce catalogue including short courses focused on specific topics (eg. Reporting or Flow Builder). They also have the Play by Play series focused on real-life scenarios and discussion about how and why of the solution.

Here is a 30 day trial of the entire catalogue instead of the usual 7 days. Lastly, they have general technology topics that are absolutely relevant for Salesforce professionals.


Keep Work/Life Boundaries

When the day is done, switch off those tools and mentally switchgear.

If it’s an option, go out for a walk/exercise and fresh air during the day while there’s plenty of sunlight. This is definitely inspired by living in Northern latitudes, so I go for a walk during the afternoon; if I leave the walk until the end of the working day, it will be dark!

Social Media

Use it sparingly otherwise, you may be overwhelmed. The separation of work and home works both ways. Perhaps, check your favourite apps, then put your phone away for a few hours so you can concentrate without distraction.

Remote Socialising Ideas

Remember to phone and webcam friends and colleagues. Reach out to those near and dear, or even those you’ve been too busy to get to know properly before now. You can do joint remote cooking, or whatever inspiration takes you.

Getting your work-life balance right when remote working can be tough. However, we’re lucky that the Salesforce ecosystem is such an active one there’s still plenty of ways to learn and socialise.


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