5 Tips for Finding Your Next Salesforce Role

Considering a career move? One of the great things about the ecosystem is the range of opportunities available.

Take a look at our 5 top tips below that will help you find your next Salesforce role.

Don’t be afraid to search for something new

The pandemic has highlighted to many businesses the importance of digital to thriving in these uncertain times, now may be the best time to take that next step within your career and do something new.

The pandemic has also altered organisations priorities for their tech team. Conducting thorough research will allow you to identify which areas of Salesforce are becoming in-demand and target those areas in your job search. Trend predictions include heightened demands on Commerce, Marketing Cloud and the UI/UX space.

Remember to be open to new opportunities. Whilst it is good to have a plan, providing direction and focus on what role you would like to fill, it is important to still keep an open mind and perhaps not get too fixed on one particular role when job searching, this will mean you don’t discount any potentially great opportunities for your career in the ecosystem.

Consider the ‘New Normal’

For many the ongoing pandemic has meant a change in working environment, whether that be a more flexible approach to the traditional office environment or working completely remote.

With multiple companies now altering their remote working policies. Salesforce themselves recently announced an end to the ‘9-5’ working week with employees “working remotely part or full time after the pandemic”. When searching for a role in the new year it is essential to acknowledge this during the application process. Whilst you must tailor your CV to each individual role you apply to, it is also worth tailoring your CV to this changed working environment as well. Showcase your experience with virtual settings, this will help to highlight to prospective employers how your skillset and experience is invaluable to the team.

Be Realistic

During any job search it is vital to be realistic with your goals, but this is particularly true for the next few years as many organisations have shifted the priorities for their tech teams. Managing your expectations will help to maintain your motivation during your job search.

Ask Your Network

Your network is an invaluable resource when finding your next role.

They can put you in contact with their connections that may have an opportunity, provide access to resources you may need to fill any identified gaps in your skillset before applying for a role, or simply act as a sounding board for your ideas and offer advice.

In fact, research suggests that 85% of roles are filled through networking. Make use of your network.

Reach out to a Recruiter

Our fifth and final tip for finding your next Salesforce role is to reach out to a recruiter. Recruiters have knowledge of both hiring trends and the Salesforce ecosystem.

Utilising a recruiter will help you gain access to roles that you may not be aware of. Particularly if you are considering a new step in your career, recruiters can offer guidance on what roles to apply to and where your skillset would be best suited. Recruiters will also help to find a cultural fit within the companies you are applying to.

If you are a talented Salesforce professional looking for your next role, get in touch with our specialist recruiters today!

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