Winter ’23 Release Features For Flow

Several of these new functionalities existed inside Process Builder, but never in Salesforce Flow. This is fantastic news since it signals that Salesforce Flow will soon completely replace Process Builder. New enhancements were included with the Winter ’23 release, and many of them are noteworthy.

Here is a list of everything that will be “coming shortly” to Flows. 

Native Flow Datatable Component

This will undoubtedly become a popular favourite. The Winter ’23 update introduces an out-of-the-box alternative for screen flows, eliminating the requirement to install the unique Flow Datatable Component (created by Eric Smith and the team at UnofficialSF).

It does not have as many features as the UnofficialSF component, but it will still cover most of the essentials and allow companies to show a data table within a screen flow without having to install a separate component.

Data Table is possibly the most prominent unofficial screen component. It is a fantastic element and can be regarded as essential for screen flows. It was therefore time for Salesforce to make this product’s official release. The official Data Table component debuts as a beta capability in the Winter ’23 version. This component allows you to create tables out of record collections. The Data Table element has a lot of setup possibilities. First off, the drag-and-drop property editor makes it simple to create columns.

Use Formula Builder in Flow Resources

The functionality of Formulas and Criteria in Salesforce Flow has undergone several modifications as of Winter ’23. You now have a better Formula Builder that allows you to choose functions and operators from dropdown menus. You may now examine your formula’s syntax with the help of a new “Check Syntax” button. Without using a loop, you may verify if a number is present in a group of other values by using the new In and Not In operators. This tidies up your Flow canvas and enhances performance.

Multi-Select Lookup

The Winter ’23 upgrade permits an expansion from 1 to 2 in the number of record selections that can be made in a Lookup element. Yes, you can now let users choose lots of records from a single Lookup component within a Screen element.

Collaborative Forecast Fun

Forecasting has received a lot of attention in recent releases, and this trend continued in Winter ’23. If you utilize this function, be sure to read the complete release notes as there are numerous improvements.

You can include or exclude specific potential fields from your forecasts by choosing them. For a more precise forecast, you may now filter your forecasts by custom Opportunity Number, Currency, or Picklist attributes! Until recently, the only fields you could use to refine your forecast were Record Type, standard Number, standard Currency, and standard Picklist.

Einstein Updates

If you utilize any Einstein Scoring, we have a few upgrades for you.

Boost Agent Productivity with Einstein Search for Knowledge (Generally Available) (Generally Available)

Your Service Agents can locate pertinent articles more quickly with the use of Einstein Search for Knowledge, which will shorten the time required to handle a Case. Previously in beta, this functionality is now generally accessible. Setup > Einstein Search > Settings > Einstein Search for Knowledge improvements must be opened to activate it (requires Actionable Instant Results).

Quickly Solve Cases Using Interactive Einstein Search Solutions (Pilot)

Interactive Einstein Search Answers, an exciting new Pilot feature, will highlight three lines from a Knowledge Article that are the most pertinent and allow you to copy them.

Reports and Dashboards

Among numerous enhancements for Reports and Dashboards, there are two, in particular to highlight.

Custom Report Types can be filtered by Salesforce Fields (Beta)

We were given the option to filter report kinds based on Salesforce objects in a previous update. We can now locate custom report types that have a particular standard or custom field thanks to the Winter ’23 release, which takes this a step further. This feature is currently in beta testing.

Examine the Structure of a Custom Report Type When Creating a Report

You will be able to see the structure of custom report types and thanks to this improvement, which displays the connections between linked objects. Additionally, the join will be explained in the tooltip (the blue box).

Wrapping Up

There were so many fantastic features to choose from that, we hope you have enjoyed this bumper edition of our favourite Salesforce Winter ’23 features!

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