How to Get Your Next Salesforce Promotion

Get your Salesforce promotion

Hard work is a key factor when it comes to hitting your goals and in order to get your next Salesforce promotion. However, within Salesforce there are other factors at play too. The savviest Salesforce professionals know what traits to exhibit to ensure their careers are continuously moving forward. 

Looking for a promotion, or for something new to give your Salesforce career a boost? There are specific strategies you can use that will help when it comes to achieving your goals. 

At Third Republic, our specialist Salesforce recruiters work with candidates helping them to achieve their career goals. This gives us a unique insight into what it takes to get that promotion, as well as what Salesforce employers are looking for. Below are some of the strategies that Salesforce professionals use to give their careers a boost.

Consistency is key 

It might seem obvious, but as part of your promotion, your manager will, of course, need to consider how well you have performed in your current role. Whether you have performed consistently and reached goals set. Or whether you have taken the lead on projects and delivered success. Pushing boundaries to excel demonstrates a desire to above and beyond what is expected. 

Consistency is important, however, to consistently meet (and overachieve) targets requires lots of effort, dedication and drive. It’s worth it, in the long run, in order to be considered for a new project or help deliver a new Salesforce feature to clients.  

Working hard to prove yourself to your manager will lay the foundation for your progression, so once you have confirmed your place in your manager’s mind as being dedicated to your career, it’s time to take it a step further. 

Take control of your journey

Taking ownership of your role within the Salesforce ecosystem is critical when it comes to positioning yourself as a suitable candidate for the promotion or step up that you’re after. The introduction of Trailhead has made navigating Salesforce career paths much easier. The tools needed to take your career to the next level are so readily available in today’s digital age. 

The beauty of Salesforce is that there are so many options available no matter what route you want to take. Just remember to take control of your own learning and development. If you want that promotion you have to work for it. Continual learning comes naturally with all careers in the ecosystem.

Network, network, network

The Salesforce ecosystem is one of the most active when it comes to community. Collaboration and sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences is what Salesforce is all about. Not to mention that the platform is growing at such a rapid rate (in 2019 Salesforce was number 39 on the Fortune 100 fastest-growing companies in the world, and was recognised as the second fastest-growing brand in the world) so promotion prospects are certainly not limited.

Networking is something that successful people in the ecosystem have done throughout their careers in order to achieve their goals. Building a strong network of peers and connections will only go towards strengthening your career prospects.  

There is currently a skills shortage in many in-demand Salesforce roles. Connecting with your Salesforce peers at meetups, and online is sometimes all it takes to be recognised as indispensable talent. 

Need a change? Use a specialist 

Finally, if you’re looking for a change, it would be a good idea to work with a dedicated recruiter. Many people in the ecosystem seek the help of specialists to boost their careers. The Salesforce market is unique. If you choose to work with a general recruiter, don’t be surprised if they don’t understand the intricacies of your role. 

Specialist Salesforce recruiters, like the consultants at Third Republic, are best placed to help with your career progression. With their expert understanding of the market, they’re the only people who will understand your position within the ecosystem. As well as, your potential career prospects and will be able to suggest relevant upcoming vacancies to suit your requirements. 

Are you a Salesforce professional looking for further career advice or your next dream role? Speak with our specialist consultants to find out how we can help you.

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