Salesforce Announced the Highest Paying Company in the UK

Cloud software firm Salesforce is the highest-paying company in the U.K. this year, with employees’ average total pay coming out at £100,000 ($138,781) a year, according to research by jobs website Glassdoor. 

Salesforce knocked consultancies Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company off the top spot, having both been named the highest-paying firms in the U.K. in 2020. 

Glassdoor also ranked Salesforce as the top employer to work for in the U.K. in 2021. This was according to research published January, based on anonymous reviews of companies left by their staff on Glassdoor, about their job and work environment. 

These latest rankings, published Friday, looked at the total compensation employees received, which included commission, tips and bonuses, as well as listing the typical base salary. Glassdoor gathered the data based on companies where more than 30 salary reports had been shared on its website by their U.K.-based employees. 

Investment management firm Man Group ranked second on Glassdoor’s list, with average total compensation of £93,620. 

Global management firm Kearney came in third place, with average total earnings of £90,661. 

Amanda Stansell, a data scientist at Glassdoor, said if salary were someone’s “key motivating factor, then head for the big names in banking, consulting and tech, which still dominate when it comes to large salaries in the U.K.” 

“Bankers have always received pretty significant bonuses since successful traders can bring huge company returns and tech salaries in particular tend to be high because of a shortage in specialist skills such as data science and software engineering,” she explained. 

For a full list of the highest paying companies in the UK, click the link below!


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