How Does Becoming a Mentor Benefit Your Salesforce Career?

Being part of a mentorship scheme enables individuals to develop in their career; this is true for both mentors and mentees. Many companies now offer mentorship programs as a way to retain employees and provide them with professional development. In fact, 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs.

Whilst the benefits for the mentee may seem obvious; advice and guidance from an experienced professional within the industry, the advantages for the mentor may not be quite as apparent.

We’ve listed below ways in which becoming a mentor can benefit your Salesforce career.

Leadership Skills

Being a mentor provides the opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

Part of a mentoring relationship is taking on board where your mentee would like to be in their career and providing them with guidance on how to get there, and additionally advising them through any problems they may encounter.

This is a great way to highlight to your organisation that you are keen to progress in your career and have the necessary skills required, as you are able to evaluation situations and provide direction to others.

Increasing Confidence

Having the ability to guide and advice someone is an excellent way to increase your confidence. Recognising that you have the knowledge and capability to guide others can be valuable to increasing self-esteem.

Mentoring is also about communication, engaging in conversation with your mentee. Communication is a fundamental skill for any role.  Developing this skill can help you to gain confidence in the working environment, which can help you progress in your career.

Giving Back

If you’ve read our SalesforceQA series you’ll notice that a recurring theme is the sense of community and Ohana within the ecosystem.

There’s always Salesforce professionals willing to help and generously give their time and knowledge. Being a mentor is one way for you to give back to the community and help others progress in their career. Whether that’s through a mentorship scheme or just by taking someone under your wing.

Skills Gap

The current pandemic has highlighted – with many organisations recognising the importance of digital and the role that technology plays in thriving as a business in this changed environment – the skills gap within the industry.

Many organisations are facing an increased demand for tech professionals and a lack of tech talent. Becoming a mentor is one way to encourage others into a career in the ecosystem. Helping to reduce the skills gap.

Develop Your CV

The final benefit to point out, is that becoming a mentor will help to develop your CV.

As mentioned, mentoring highlights to both current and prospective employers that you have the ability to take on additional responsibility and manage people.

But that’s not all. Mentoring is a two way relationship, allowing you to learn and develop as well as the mentee. Becoming a mentor is a great way to stay on top of industry trends and expand your skillset, helping to enhance your CV.

If you are a talent Salesforce professional looking for your next challenge, speak to our specialist consultants today!

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