Einstein Automate Explained

Einstein Automate is a new solution from Salesforce, combining artificial intelligence, data integration and industry-specific workflows in a single platform, so businesses can go digital faster, automating complex processes in days, not months.

Automation is the inspiration behind this new solution as John Kucera, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, explains:

“When automation is done right, it accelerates productivity and empowers employees. It also frees up humans to do the work they’re uniquely meant to do by taking away the tedious, repetitive steps that are soul sucking, and that people don’t enjoy doing. Automation gives people the bandwidth and breathing room to do more interesting, more inspiring, and more valuable work that moves the business forward such as building customer relationships or making hard decisions on what to do next”

Source: Why We’re Investing (Even More) in Automation

Einstein Automate will bring together:

  • Flow Orchestrator
  • MuleSoft Composer
  • Einstein Automate Solutions on the AppExchange
  • Salesforce Industries
  • OmniStudio

Flow Orchestrator

Streamline complex processes that span multiple users and systems using the low-code workflow development tool Flow Orchestrator.

Flow Orchestrator can help you accelerate your automation efforts, ensuring Salesforce does the repetitive, manual tasks that eat up precious time, while your business focuses on high-value activities.

AI-generated next steps and recommendations can guide employees while helping you avoid bottlenecks and delays.

Flow Orchestrator is expected to be in beta in Summer 2021.

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

The biggest hurdle to successful automation that creates flawless customer and employee experiences is siloed systems.

As Stephen Hsu, Vice President of Product Management at MuleSoft explains:

“If you’re going to be serious about automation, you can’t just do automation in specific applications. All of your applications need to speak to each other.”

Source: Why We’re Investing (Even More) in Automation

Connecting systems is typically easier said than done. You’ll want a simple way to connect your apps and data – that’s where MuleSoft Composer comes in.

Using MuleSoft Composer, you can bring data from Salesforce and your third party applications together, using clicks, not code.

Even better, MuleSoft Composer has a library of pre-built connectors and templates to automate integrations, enabling Salesforce Administrators to get up to speed fast and deploy in record time.

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is expected to become generally available in early 2021.

Pre-built Einstein Automate Solutions on the AppExchange

Einstein Automate is all about building, scalable, intelligent solutions at speed. There’s no need to start from scratch though; with pre-built Einstein Automate solutions available on the AppExchange, including more than 700 automation solutions built by Salesforce and their partners, you are sure to find the building blocks you need to get off the ground fast.

Pre-built AppExchange solutions include:

  • Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) – Automating repetitive, manual tasks such as data entry
  • Bots – Help customers quickly find answers and automate common questions and conversations
  • Flow Actions – Rapidly set up automation with pre-built flow templates that can be cloned and customized to suit your needs
  • Flow Templates – Simplify the flow building process without needing integration or code

AppExchange solutions are generally available today.

Salesforce Industries

Although not new, Salesforce Industries goes hand in hand with today’s Einstein Automate announcement.

Salesforce is becoming ever more industry specific as it’s clear that different industries have unique needs. Salesforce Industries is a collection of industry specific products and a library of more than 70 best practices, to help your business build the best solution fast.

Salesforce Industries solutions are generally available today.


OmniStudio has a variety of new products and features, including templates and pre-built solutions, that can empower businesses to create industry-specific experiences for their target audience. These solutions can be delivered across multiple devices and channels quickly and at scale, using no-code or low-code tools.

OmniStudio solutions are generally available today.

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source: https://www.salesforceben.com/einstein-automate-intelligent-workflows-to-automate-anything/

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