Winter ’23 Release Features To Watch Out For

It seems far too early to be saying the word “winter”, but it’s that time of year again! Another Salesforce release is approaching, which means a whole bunch of new features and functionality to play around with. 

Having just announced the release date, sandbox preview, and pre-release org information for Salesforce Winter ’23, the release notes are now available too!

Here are the top features of this release…

1. Enhance More Object Record Pages With Dynamic Forms

Are you ready for the future of Salesforce page layouts? Dynamic Forms for standard objects have been on the roadmap for a while and will be available for Accounts, Contacts, Person Accounts, and Opportunities from Winter ‘23.

Bonus: The default behaviour when migrating to Dynamic Forms has changed. The option “Migrate fields and sections into an Accordion component to improve page performance” is no longer selected by default. 

2. Do More With Dynamic Related List Filters

Sticking with the “dynamic” theme, there is a small but significant update to Dynamic Related List filters. You can now filter a Dynamic Related List by multiple filter values – previously, you could only filter by one value. 

3. Collaborative Forecast Fun

As per the last few releases, forecasting has been getting a lot of love, and this theme continues in Winter ‘23. There are multiple enhancements, so do check out the full release notes if you use this feature. However, here are two great updates in particular. 

Choose Custom Opportunity Fields to Include or Exclude From Your Forecasts

You can now filter your forecasts by custom Opportunity Number, Currency, or Picklist fields for a more accurate forecast! Previously, you were only able to filter your forecast using Record Type, standard Number, standard Currency, and standard Picklist fields.

Work Smoothly With Improved Usability of Salesforce Desktop Site Forecasts

The title of the feature really doesn’t do it justice! In Winter ‘23, Salesforce significantly improved the visualization of forecasts. 

In particular, I love the ability to view Quota Attainment % as a progress bar.

Users can select “Show Changes in Last 7 Days” and will now see pertinent information in a single pop-up when they hover.

4. Clone Lightning Apps (Beta)

You can now easily clone your favorite apps to create new apps in the Lightning App Builder – a great time saving feature for Admins! 

5. Flow and Automation Updates

Flow is the automation feature of the future and this release is full of juicy updates for you. Normally our release highlights are new and improved features or functionality, but we would be remiss if we didn’t point out something that has gone

From the Winter ‘23 release, you will no longer see the option to create a new Workflow! 

6. Reports and Dashboards 

Among many updates for Reports and Dashboards, there are two in particular that will apply to both users and admins alike!

Filter Custom Report Types by Salesforce Fields (Beta)

In a previous release we were granted the ability to filter report types based on Salesforce objects. The Winter ‘23 release takes this a step further and we are now able to find custom report types that contain a specific standard or custom field. This functionality is currently in Beta. 

Review a Custom Report Type’s Structure During Report Creation

This enhancement will enable you to see the structure of custom report types, showing the relationships between joined objects. In addition, the tooltip (the blue box) will explain the join type e.g. Record A may or may not have related B records. 

7. Einstein Updates

We have a few Einstein updates for you, particularly if you use any Einstein Scoring. Pay attention to the third update below! 

Boost Agent Productivity With Einstein Search for Knowledge (Generally Available)

Einstein Search for Knowledge can help your Service Agents find relevant articles faster, in turn, reducing the amount of time it takes to resolve a Case. This feature, previously in Beta, is now Generally Available. It needs to be enabled in Setup > Einstein Search > Settings > Einstein Search for Knowledge enhancements (requires Actionable Instant Results).

Resolve Cases Quickly With Interactive Einstein Search Answers (Pilot)

A fun new feature in Pilot, Interactive Einstein Search Answers, will extract the most useful information from a Knowledge Article and display three lines that can then be copied by Service Agents and shared. 

Einstein Scoring Model Update Timing Changed

Lead and Opportunity models will be refreshed once a month to improve performance. Previously, they were refreshed every ten days. 

Read the full blog at the link below!


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