7 Unmissable Virtual Dreamin Sessions to Boost Your Career

Virtual Dreamin

It’s happening! On May 16-17th, thousands of Salesforce professionals from all over the world are coming together for the 1st Virtual Dreamin conference, with the purpose of sharing knowledge, getting together and having a great time – all good reasons to attend! Almost like Dreamforce, except that Virtual Dreamin is organized by the community.

There are plenty of great sessions coming up and it can be hard to choose which ones to attend. To make it a bit easier, here’s a list of must-attend sessions for you. These sessions put an emphasis on soft skills rather than technical knowledge – after all, soft-skills are what differentiates the great from the good. Many of my recommended sessions are part of the Architect track, but trust me, they are helpful regardless of your role.

Note: These sessions are targeted towards soft skill excellence, ones that have takeaways you can apply right away and have received consistently great feedback from attendees in the past.

5 Secret Weapons of a Great Architect

11:30 EST – SEBASTIAN WAGNER (CTA) This session is all about upgrading your toolkit with tools for rapid requirements analysis, impact analysis and solution ideation. Following a real-world scenario, we explore each tool, its benefits in the delivery lifecycle and how to integrate them in your role.

Powerful Soft Skills for Admins, Developers & Architects

14:00 EST – SEBASTIAN WAGNER (CTA) We are focusing on the power of soft skills for my second session. Working through our scenario you will learn how you can leverage critical soft skills that improve your perception and decision making. You will also learn techniques and tactics that help you archive the best outcomes for your stakeholders.

Dare to Lead

18:00 EST – Missy Longshore Missy bring’s Brene Browe’s (13 mil views of her TED Talk) wisdom on leadership. Addressing important topics and strategies on honest feedback, clear communication, delegation, and knowing our limits you will take invaluable lessons away.

10 Steps to Building Awesome Artifacts

19:30 EST – CARL BRUNDAGE (CTA) One of the biggest shortcomings I see when I work with workshop attendees and CTA candidates is their visualization skills. In Carl’s interactive session, you will learn the 10 steps to construct information-dense artifacts such as a System Landscape and Object Model that communicate a complete picture to your stakeholders.

Human-Centered Design Thinking for Architects

20:00 EST – JANNIS BOTT (CTA) The solutions we design and deliver are for our fellow humans. Fellow FlowRepublic coach Jannis Bott shares with us design thinking approaches that bring people in the center of our attention. Learn how to overcome common challenges of the design thinking process and how to provide the best outcome, experience and results for people

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

02:00 EST – ARJAN KRAMER (CTA) Unless you lived under a rock, you will have heard about Digital Transformation. Arjan will help you understand the core to the success of Customer-Centric Digital Transformations – empathy with your customers and your employees and making the interactions between them as frictionless as possible. Drawing from real-world examples and year-long experience Trailblazers that join this session will be helped to make their own digital transformations successful!

D2C: The Consulting Mindset

08:30 EST – Rupesh Bhatia On Sunday morning, the amazing 24 hours of Virtual Dreamin will come to a strong end with an important talk from Rupesh. This session will help you decode your Salesforce journey and explain the role of Consulting mindset as a catalyst in the Journey2CTA path. You will walk through perspectives from different stakeholders like Partners, Clients, Salesforce Professionals to understand the need for skilled Consultants across the Industry. Developing an empathetic view towards your colleagues being at Onshore vs Offshore will help you in adopting the key attributes of Consulting Mindset.


Those are some pretty epic sessions, aren’t they, so make sure to sign up, add them to your calendar and make an effort to attend. The 6 unmissable sessions are not the only ones taking place at Virtual Dreamin, are plenty of others worth attending and I would have loved including them all. There will be also plenty of happening throughout the event such as CTA Panels, 1to1 consultations and much more

Here’s what to do next:

  • Make sure you register for the event
  • Check out the Agenda
  • Add more awesome talks to your calendar
  • Don’t forget to visit the FlowRepublic virtual booth for some amazing news.

If you’re looking for top Salesforce talent to join your team or are a Salesforce professional looking for a new role, please get in touch with us today!

source: https://www.salesforceben.com/sessions-to-boost-your-career/

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