Supercharge Your Career in 2020

Supercharge 2020 Career

It’s a new year and what better time to start thinking about how to supercharge your career in 2020? Great news, Salesforce is committed to helping the Trailblazer Community skill-up and secure top jobs!

Last year, Salesforce pledged to train 1 million American workers over the next 5 years. To achieve this, they launched Trailblazer Connect, a collection of resources designed to accelerate your career and connect you to opportunities.

What is Trailblazer Connect?

The Trailblazer Connect program aims to empower Trailblazers to advance their skills, get support and connect to career opportunities.

A key part of Trailblazer Connect is mentorship. Salesforce is putting the extensive Trailblazer Community to good use by matching mentees with experienced members of the community.

Benefits for Mentees

A mentor can open doors, extend your network and offer guidance and support. Having a mentor is great at any stage of your career, and can be especially important as you’re starting out. Sharing lessons learned and connecting you to contacts and opportunities that will help you advance your career.

Benefits for Mentors

It’s not just about the mentee you know; there are tons of reasons to become a mentor as well!

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Gain new perspectives and ideas
  • Develop key skills

For more career advice and insights from industry experts and MVPs on how to supercharge your career, check out the Salesforce Republic, #SalesforceQA page today.

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