Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Information

Even though we’ve just been delivered a bunch of new features in Spring ’21, Salesforce professionals everywhere will be glad to hear Summer ’21 is around the corner!

There are many agenda items you need to prepare for with each release, but at this stage, there are only a couple of things you need to know: how to prepare your sandbox, and when your instance gets upgraded.

Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Date

The first thing you should be aware of is when your production instance will be upgraded to the Summer’ 21 release. It’s important that you test all your main use cases in Salesforce before this date to ensure that everything continues to work. Although Salesforce releases rarely have bugs, it’s important that these checks are carried out anyway.

The Release Date for Summer ’21 will depend on your instance of Salesforce, but the main release weekends are on…

  • May 15th
  • June 4th
  • June 11-12th

If you already know the instance your production Org is located on, you can head over to Salesforce Trust and click on your instance name and hit “Maintenances”, this will show you the date of the Salesforce Summer’21 release hitting your Org.

If you don’t know your instance, the quickest way is to head to company information within Setup in your Salesforce Org (Or look at the URL link of Salesforce in your browser if you are not using Lightning or MyDomains). If you’re new to Salesforce Trust and would like to learn more, I recommend checking out Ines Garcia’s post regarding signing up for notifications on

Summer ’21 Sandbox Preview Information

The second thing you should be aware of is how and when your Sandbox is going to be upgraded. This is extremely important as this is the first opportunity you will get to test your system on the new release. You can sign up for a pre-release Org (Link pending…), but these, of course, will not have any of your configurations.

Salesforce has two release windows for Sandboxes, which depends on whether your sandbox is a “Preview” instance or “Non-Preview Instance”. Stay tuned for more information on Sandbox Preview, but the first upgrade will happen on the weekend of the 8th May 2021.

Stay tuned for more details, we will release details about more dates and resources as they become available.

Summer ’21 Pre-Release Org

As mentioned above, Pre-Release Org’s are a great way to get familiar with the new release before it hits your Sandbox’s. These will be released on the 15th April, and we will post the link as soon as they are up. Alternatively, if you already have a pre-release Org, you can log back into this one.

Since the release notes haven’t been announced yet, you can perform what is usually referred to as a “Treasure Hunt”, to try and figure out what has changed since Spring ’21.

Summer ’21 Release Notes

Although the dates mentioned are some of the most important of the Salesforce release cycle, the most anticipated date is for the Salesforce Release Notes. This is the first glimpse of the features and upgrades that are being applied across the Salesforce suite of products. Release Notes are scheduled to be released on the 20th April, and have a new home over at Salesforce Help.


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