Salesforce Experts You Should Follow

In today’s increasingly digital world, social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful platforms to access the latest information and industry updates. These platforms are a great way to follow Salesforce experts who are sharing their knowledge and insights.

The key to using these platforms effectively, and being able to find this information in the sea of chatter that characterises social platforms, is knowing who to follow, who the influencers and experts in your sphere are, and who you should be keeping an eye on.

The Salesforce world is full of individuals who are constantly sharing industry tips, tricks, and insights. When it comes to honing your craft and learning everything there is to know about Salesforce, it is now vital that you are following these thought leaders.

So here is our list of 10 (plus 1) Salesforce experts you need to follow…

1. Mike Gerholdt – @MikeGerholdt

As a well-known speaker at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conferences, leader of Salesforce Admin Evangelism, and author of one of the most popular sites for Admins (ButtonClickAdmin) – Mike is a must follow if you’re working with Salesforce.

2. Tal Frankfurt – @TalFrankfurt

Tal is the founder and CEO at Cloud for Good, which is a Salesforce consultancy for non-profit organisations. A Salesforce MVP, he is leading the way in using cloud technology for social change and guarantees interesting reads and insights into the subject.

3. David Liu – @dvdkliu

David currently works for Google as a Salesforce Technical Architect, but prior to his career in Salesforce, he worked in Marketing. Since joining the ecosystem, David has become a 7 x Salesforce MVP, created a blog ( that provides insightful YouTube tutorials for admins, and has won the coveted Golden Hoodie.

4. Ben McCarthy – @SalesforceBen

If you’re in the world of Salesforce, the name Salesforce Ben shouldn’t be unknown to you. His platform hosts everything from practical tutorials, technical breakdowns, and explorations of the culture behind the platform. His blog is a helpful resource for anyone in the ecosystem. This is definitely one of the Salesforce experts you need to follow.

5. Phil Walton –@SalesforcePhil

Phil has been helping businesses get the most out of their Salesforce implementation since 2004. Phil is a 7x Salesforce MVP, Founder of the Manchester Trailblazer Community Group and has posted at least 400 blogs.

6. Keir Bowden – @bob.buzzard

Another great follow is, 5-time Salesforce MVP and Salesforce Certified Technical Architect, Bowden is somewhat of a pillar in the Salesforce world. His blog provides valuable insights into the world of Salesforce, as well as development more broadly.

7. Laurent Touyet – @LaurenTouyet

The term Salesforce expert has been well and truly earned by Lauren. As a Solutions Architect, organiser of user groups, founder of Ohana Virtual Coffee, and co-organiser of Surt force, her social media activity is fun yet insightful, whilst her blog shares her experiences with Salesforce.

8. Melinda Smith – @girlygeeksocial

Melinda’s twitter is a hub of Salesforce related activity, and she promotes the community’s news and success. As a passionate Trailblazer, #GifSquad co-founder, co-host of the Two WIT podcast and one of the brains behind WIT success, she has earned her right to be called a Salesforce expert and is a must-follow for updates and news on the platform.

9. Tiffani Bova – @Tiffani_Bova

Tiffani Bova is the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. As well as winning multiple accolades, Tiffani is author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Growth IQ and hosts her own podcast; What’s Next! with Tiffani Bova.

10. Jennifer W. Lee – @jenwlee

Jennifer W. Lee is a winner of the #AwesomeAdmin award, is a 5 x Salesforce MVP and co-host the webinar series AutomantionHour. Alongside speaking at multiple Salesforce events, Jennifer also has her own blog, posting about all things Salesforce.

Bonus: Marc Benioff – @Benioff

Here’s another one more for luck… If you work in the world of Salesforce you know who Benioff is. The CEO of Salesforce himself updates his followers with news about Salesforce, innovations, social commentary and business.

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