The Future of Salesforce DevOps

You’ve probably noticed that the Salesforce ecosystem (and Salesforce itself) are talking about DevOps more than ever. We can be sure that in 2021 even more Salesforce teams will adopt DevOps tools and processes.

There are questions we are curious to get answered. How many teams have already started implementing DevOps? How far have they got? Which DevOps processes are most popular? And which add the most value for Salesforce teams and their companies?

The Future of DevOps

The Salesforce ecosystem is in transition, with DevOps becoming the industry standard for release management. Many teams are just starting out; others have been growing into their DevOps processes for years.

Based on past trends and conversations with hundreds of teams, these are just some of our predictions for 2021:

  • The vast majority of Salesforce teams will be looking to adopt new DevOps processes this year – whether it’s another step towards high-performing DevOps maturity, or just starting out with the implementation of DevOps tools and practices.
  • Releases will continue to become faster and more frequent, making teams and their companies more agile. Innovation will accelerate as user-driven development gets easier.
  • Using source control will become the norm, including for no-code and low-code development teams.
  • An understanding of DevOps best practices will be increasingly sought after – even necessary – for everyone building on Salesforce.
  • Companies’ investment in DevOps will increase, as the ROI for DevOps becomes even more evident. Savings in time and cost will allow teams to invest in new projects.
  • Security and compliance requirements will motivate improved DevOps processes, including backups of data and metadata. Companies will become more resilient as a result.

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