Salesforce Certs for 2020

Salesforce Certs 2020

Certifications in Salesforce have grown massively in the last few years. Just a few years ago there were around 8 certifications you could achieve. There were people in the ecosystem that had acquired all of these. Now, however, there are over 35 Salesforce certifications on offer. This is predominantly due to the rapid growth of Salesforce as well as the acquisition and release of new products. The increase in the number of certifications doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. There have been plenty of new Salesforce certs for 2020 introduced.

Here are some of the latest Salesforce certifications that have been released in the latter half of 2019, and new in 2020. This post also includes some certifications that haven’t been officially announced.

Marketing Cloud Admin

After the Exact Target acquisition back in 2013, Marketing Cloud has slowly become a popular addition to the core Salesforce suite of products. As the name suggests this certification is designed for users and admins of Marketing Cloud.

Heroku Architecture Designer

This architect-level Certification is for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience in architecting, deploying, and managing Apps on Heroku.

Education Cloud Consultant

The Education Cloud is designed for Higher Education to manage the process of recruiting students, all the way through to managing Alumni. This consultant level certification is designed for individuals that have experience in successfully designing and implementing Education Cloud solutions.

B2C Commerce Cloud Developer

The B2C Commerce Cloud came from the acquisition of Demandware in 2016 and enables enterprise-level cloud commerce solutions. This developer-level certification is designed for individuals with experience in Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital, across many different features.

Coming Soon…

JavaScript Developer I

Recently, Salesforce put out requests for Beta testers for the new JavaScript Developer I Certification. This is confirmed on WebAssessor. Without any official announcements being made, we can assume that this certification has been created for the new breed of Lightning Developers.

For more information of Salesforce certs for 2020, read the full article at here.

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