Reinvent Your Salesforce Career

The Salesforce ecosystem offers multiple different career paths, whether that’s working in a particular role, or specific industry, there are plenty of avenues to contemplate.

If you’re considering a move from Developer to Admin, or from the FinTech industry to the SaaS industry, we’ve listed our top tips below to help you reinvent your Salesforce career.

Don’t Wait

The hardest thing to do when considering a change in career, even if just a slight change, is taking that first step. However, with the pandemic highlighting the significance of digital solutions and many organisations now implementing digital technologies, this might be the perfect time to reinvent your Salesforce career.

Whilst it can seem like a daunting challenge, taking small steps will help to minimize any anxiety and nerves around a change in career, and will also help to build your confidence for when you take those bigger steps – like applying for your new role!

Look at Market Trends

Another thing to remember when reinventing your career is not to limit yourself.

Look at trends in the market, see what Salesforce roles are becoming highly demanded by companies and target those jobs and/or industries.

Consider Your Skillset

Having examined upcoming trends in the ecosystem, look for transferable skills that will make it easier to transition into your new career.

Many people may be put off by a career transition because they think that their skills are not transferable. But in a lot of cases they are. Core soft skills such as communication, adaptability and time management will always be desirable.

Your skillset also provides a great base to build upon. Having identified what your capabilities are, you can focus on the areas that might need more work. Once identified, try to find ways of expanding your skillset in your current position.

Make Use of Your Network

One of the impressive things about Salesforce and having a career in the industry, is the ecosystem.

The ecosystem is full of Admins, Architects, Developers, Consultants – whatever role you are pursuing – who are willing to help you in your career. Your network is beneficial not only for the people you currently know, but also for the connections that they have. Perhaps you are reinventing your career in Salesforce from an Admin to an Architect. Although you might not directly know any architects someone in your network will, who can introduce you.

Check out this article on transitioning from a Salesforce Admin to Salesforce architect here.

Your network is also a fantastic place to find learning resources that will help you reinvent your career. There could be webinars or meetups that someone in your network is holding. Asking people in your network for advice on which courses to attend, what their experience was with particular training sessions, can be extremely beneficial for advancing in reinventing your career – taking those small steps.

If you are a talented Salesforce professional looking for your next challenge speak to our specialist consultants today!

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