Re-write Your Career in Tech with Salesforce

Meet Nitzan Ifrach. She went from having no real computer science experience to transforming her career and creating an incredible impact for her company and her community.

While Nitzan is a Salesforce whiz now, it didn’t happen overnight. See how you can forge your own career path with her 6 top tips.

  • It’s never too late to learn
  • Make your own job
  • Seek opportunities around you
  • Impact your community
  • Get comfortable asking for help
  • Stay curious

Nitzan discusses the importance of remaining curious and keeping in touch with your peers to help you navigate a career with Salesforce. “See what other people are doing, what their jobs are, and what a day in their life looks like. Reach out to people – don’t be shy – and you’ll get plenty of ideas.”

Read Nitzan’s top tips here:

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