MuleSoft Careers Fair @ Salesforce Tower

On Thursday the 19th of September, MuleSoft and Third Republic came together at the incredible Salesforce Tower to host the first-ever MuleSoft Careers Fair. The idea for the MuleSoft Careers Fair was born where all great ideas are, the pub. Justin Wilson, Area VP and Head of UKI at MuleSoft and Practice Lead and Specialist MuleSoft Recruiter at Third Republic Chris Mack, met up to discuss the increasing demand for MuleSoft skills and after a few beers, the wheels were set in motion for the very first MuleSoft Careers Fair.

Both Chris and Justin wanted to invite more tech professionals to be a part of this growing ecosystem and reap the rewards that a career in MuleSoft can offer. So, on the 29th floor of the Salesforce Tower around 70 tech professionals, from those just starting out in their tech career to experienced architects, gathered to understand more about the incredible world of MuleSoft and the career prospects it could offer them.

Justin began the evening by welcoming everyone and introducing all the partner companies, DeloitteCapgeminiAccentureProlifics Testing, NTT Data Services and Sapient i7, as well as the speakers, Dan Wiseman, Lead Solution Engineer at MuleSoft, Ellie Page, Training Operations Senior Specialist at MuleSoft and Third Republic’s very own MuleSoft careers specialist, Chris Mack. Justin also gave the room some insight into the huge growth that MuleSoft has planned for the future, which of course, got everyone excited about the career opportunities this intended growth will open up.

There were also talks from three MuleSoft professionals at various stages in their careers. We heard the journey of a new graduate intern making it to a junior developer for a systems integrator, as well as the career stories of more experienced professionals with insights into working for both partners and for MuleSoft directly.

During the networking part of the evening, we managed to escape the noise and step outside with Justin to understand his views on the careers fair. He said of the event “The evening has been all about sharing experiences, and exciting and inspiring people to get started with a career in MuleSoft.”

Overall, it was a fantastic evening which provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the future of MuleSoft, the potential careers on offer in the space, and what the career paths of MuleSoft professionals look like.

We would like to thank all those who attended, spoke and all the partners for contributing to such a valuable evening – Third Republic are proud to be able to support the MuleSoft community and we are excited to continue to see it grow!

If you are interested in a career in MuleSoft, please contact Chris Mack or Jonathan Banks today!

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