Advance Your Career In the Ecosystem with Advice From Career Coaches

Whilst it has been said repeatedly, it still remains true; the events of the pandemic have shifted the Salesforce landscape.

Whether that be your working environment or your job-hunting experience, much like businesses, those that can adapt to the changing situation will be able to advance their career in 2021.

To help with this we’ve listed our top tips from career coaches on how you can progress your career in the year ahead.

Constantly Look to Develop Your Knowledge

For founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, Angelina Darrisaw, always being a “student of the business” is key.*

Looking to continually develop your knowledge and stay ahead of the ever-evolving ecosystem is essential to advancing your career in 2021. Whilst this may seem daunting, there are a lots of ways to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world of Salesforce; sign up to receive industry newsletters, expand your LinkedIn network to follow innovators of the ecosystem and don’t be afraid to reach out to other Trailblazers to learn more about specific aspects of the platform.

With the pandemic making most events virtual, attending community meetups and networking at events has never been more accessible.

Build On Your Soft Skills

Our second piece of advice comes from Senior Consultant at career coach company Korn Ferry Advance, Frances Weir – build on your soft skills. In particular “resilience, adaptability, and above all, empathy.” **

Whilst technical ability is important, the pandemic has proven that skills with a human element are vital in order to thrive in this changed working environment.

To touch on two skills that Frances highlighted; being able to adapt to these changed working environments, be it fully remote or flexible, will allow you to be continually productive in your role. Adaptability also applies to learning new skills, when looking to develop your knowledge of the ecosystem it may become apparent that you need to learn new skills and solutions. Highlighting your adaptability towards working environments and continual learning will make you an asset to prospective employers.

Resilience is also fundamental. In the context of the workplace resilience helps you to manage stress and maintain a work-life balance, which can be particularly difficult when working remotely.

Get in Touch With Recruiters

To quote our final career coach and founder of MDK Brand Management, Denise Kaigler; “As long as people know you’re looking, they can help you” ***

If you are looking to advance your Salesforce career and are considering that next step, reach out to a recruiter. The ever-present challenge when job hunting is that the majority of roles are filled through networking and referrals.

Connecting with a recruiter who knows not only trends within the ecosystem but also the hiring landscape can be a great way to find your next role and advance your career.

If you are a talented Salesforce professional looking to advance your career in 2021, get in touch with our specialist recruiters today!

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