Top Tips for Making a Great First Impression in Your New Salesforce Role

Starting a new role, whether that’s in the company you currently work in or a different one, can be daunting. Whilst the company is responsible for teaching you about their processes and culture, the majority of your success in a new role is dependent on you.

To help with this, we’ve listed our 3 top tips to ensure you make a great first impression when starting your new role within the ecosystem.

Ask Questions

When starting a new role, some might think that the key to making a good impression is to share your opinion. In order to prove why you have been chosen for the role by making yourself known. Whilst this will definitely make an impression, we suggest that in order to make a GREAT first impression, the key is to ask questions.

This will enable you to actively listen to what your team are telling you. Show that you care about their opinions and become a valued member of the team.

Learn from Others

Don’t forget to ask for help. When starting a new role, it may seem intimidating to admit that you need guidance. However, you aren’t expected to know everything straight away.

A great way to do this is to identify the subject matter experts in your team and ask them. If you would rather look outside your organisation for advice, attend Salesforce community meetups and network with other Salesforce professionals in the ecosystem. Many of the Salesforce professionals who have participated in our Q&A series, highlight the benefits of getting involved with the community.

Learning from others in your organisation does not have to be a short-term thing whilst you get settled into your new role. Why not reach out to someone you think could become a mentor and help guide you through your career in the ecosystem?

If you are thinking about becoming a mentor, check out our previous blog that discusses how this can benefit your Salesforce career.

Take the Initiative

Taking initiative when starting a new role is a great way to highlight that you are willing to learn and become a core member of the team. Showing initiative can also help you get that next promotion and even encourage others in your team to boost their productivity.

There are many different ways you can take initiative; in fact we’ve already mentioned one, finding a mentor will allow you to develop a career plan. Taking initiative also includes anticipating problems before they arise and giving solutions, as well as readily asking for feedback and taking it on board.

If you are a talented Salesforce professional looking for your next role, get in touch today!

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