Top Tips for Managing Your Workload

Managing your workload increases your productivity, efficiency and even quality of work. Feeling like you are in control of your workload can also help to reduce stress levels.

Whilst this can sometimes seem like an unattainable goal, especially now that organisations are operating on forms of remote working levels and the increased distractions that can bring, we have listed our top tips below to help you get back on track with accomplishing your workload.

Planning and Prioritisation Are Key

When you are trying to manage a heavy workload, it is important to remember the two ‘P’s: Planning and Prioritisation.

Planning what you are going to do ahead of time will allow you to set realistic goals of what you will achieve during your working hours. Planning will also provide accountability for those goals and help you stay on track.

Prioritisation is also key for managing your workload as it will ensure that you are utilising your time and effort effectively. Knowing when each task must be completed and the level of importance for each task will help you to finish these tasks on time for the deadline.

Planning and prioritisation go hand-in-hand, and when used together can create an unstoppable force.

Don’t Multi-Task

Whilst multi-tasking may seem like the easiest way to get through your workload, it will in fact only slow you down.

Trying to focus on more than one thing at any one time reduces productivity. Focusing on one task at a time and putting all your energy into that task will also ensure that you complete the task to your highest standard.

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Take Breaks

This is perhaps the most valuable tip.

With a heavy workload it can be easy to get stuck in and neglect taking breaks in order to complete your work faster and move on to the next task. However, taking short, regular breaks will help you to feel continually refreshed and reduce feelings of burnout. Allowing you to put more energy into your work.

Positive Vibes Only

Approaching a heavy workload with a ‘can-do’ attitude will help you to maintain motivation as you work through your tasks.

If you are stuck on something, don’t let it get you down, ask for help from your colleagues.

Reduce Distractions

Perhaps the more obvious of our top tips; reducing distractions around you will help you to focus on the work at hand.

Before tackling your to-do-list be sure to create a space where you feel you can concentrate. If you don’t need your phone, turn it off. If you have a time-sensitive deadline, mute notifications until it’s finished. Taking these small steps to help reduce potential distractions will have a positive impact on your work output.

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With these top tips you should find managing your heavy workload that much more achievable.

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