Top Salesforce Podcasts of the Year

Salesforce is a technology that is constantly changing, so our knowledge can’t stay static either. The Salesforce Trailblazer has a thirst for learning – after all, Salesforce is an exciting, evolving space that requires a mix of knowledge and curiosity. What better way to learn than from those who have blazed the same trails before?

During the lockdown period that characterised the first half of 2020, my podcast listening went from casual dipping in, to a full-blown habit. Learning through listening gives us a break from staring at screens all day. Audio has also always been a favourite of mine because the presenter personalities are able to shine through. Here are my favourite Salesforce podcasts that I have subscribed to:


The SalesforceWay podcast is hosted by Xi Xiao, a Salesforce developer based in Finland. He believes that a good Salesforce developer is armed with the “3S” skills – Salesforce technology skills, Software engineer skills, and Soft skills. The podcast episodes lead with technical topics (eg. DML Mocking for Apex Test), but delve beyond the technology into the soft skills that made the interviewee’s careers possible.

A new episode of the SalesforceWay comes out every week. Xi also publishes the content in written format on the SalesforceWay site, where you can also find the full list of episodes.

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Wizard Cast

Wizard Cast is hosted by Brian Kwong (Salesforce Wizard) and Mark Ross (Salesforce Yoda), covering a variety of Salesforce topics such as releases, feature overviews, and initiatives going on in the Salesforce Ohana – delivered with a humorous wrapper thanks to Brian and Mark’s quick-wittedness and slapstick jokes.

The Wizard News is one of the longest-running Salesforce blogs. You may even have seen Brian Kwong walking around at Salesforce events donning his iconic wizard hat! Find the full list of episodes here.

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Salesforce podcast on entrepreneurship, hosted by Ankit Taneja. Learn from the industry veterans on how to setup your Salesforce business. New episodes come out every month, and I think are definitely worth waiting for!

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SFDC Consultant

The SFDC Consultant podcast, no prizes for guessing, talks about how to be a better Salesforce Consultant.

Hosted by Emeric Gabor, any budding or experienced Salesforce consultant can pick up tools and tips, from other consultants’ project experience – the good, the bad, and the ugly in the life of a Salesforce Consultant.

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Salesforce Posse

Well-loved Salesforce community personalities, Francis Pindar and Anup Jadhav, joined forces to record ‘Salesforce Posse’, 8 stellar episodes of evergreen content covering “Salesforce, Heroku and and sometimes AWS ramblings”.

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GoodDay Sir

Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago started the weekly GoodDay Sir podcast to share thoughts around software development, technology, and the platform. Their goal is to keep developers and non-developers informed with our own unique brand of casual, honest, and entertaining commentary. Pick an episode and see where it takes you, you may be surprised!

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Mums on Cloud Nine

A new podcast on the scene! Introducing ‘Mums on Cloud Nine’ hosted by Heather Black, founder of Supermums. Supermums is a global brand that supports mums to develop a career in the salesforce ecosystem, advocating matters such as equal opportunities and flexible working. Heather interviews women who are excelling in careers and motherhood, and others who have something indispensable to share with Trailblazer mums.

Link to Apple Podcasts. Podcast

You may have heard about the Org Confessions movement that swept the Salesforce community a while back? are the brains behind the imaginative

The podcast invites Elements customers and partners to share the trials and tribulations of growing and managing Salesforce orgs and the complexity that comes with them. Titles include ‘aiming for the best org ever’, adoption challenges, and technical debt.

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Two women in tech (WIT) Kristi Guzman and Melinda Smith have informal chats about a variety of topics surrounding women…in tech and ‘doing life’. A nice contrast to the podcasts focused on technology, so certainly worth having in your podcast library!

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Hard Corps Marketing Show

Now one for the marketers!  Casey Cheshire, with his deep Pardot expertise and infectious personality, is known around the Salesforce ecosystem and the Pardot-sphere, the ideal candidate to write a book on Marketing Automation strategy, and also finds time to host the Hard Corps Marketing Show.

Casey’s podcast tackles a wide range of topics, from marketing automation tactics to discussing trends at a high-level (eg. ABM or conversational marketing). What you can expect is an open-ended, free-flowing conversation, with energy – but not without Casey’s staple questions about myths, hobbies and childhood (‘did you always want to be a marketer?’). I featured on episode #135, which was a lot of fun! As you can see/hear, wide-ranging with plenty of Pardot chat!

CloudFocus Weekly

The weekly show has been running for 10 years (!) covering a mixture of the latest cloud computing news, happenings and events – with a few ‘debates’ thrown into the mix. Plus, don’t miss the CloudFocus App Pick of the Week at the end of every show.

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BONUS: Salesforce Freelancing Podcast

Brian Shea is a Salesforce Architect and self-employed consultant since 2012, so it’s no surprise that he receives many questions about freelancing in the Salesforce ecosystem. To share his experiences, and others in the community, he produced a mini-series on the Salesforceben blog.

Now that many marketing professionals are considering freelance as a way of working, this series will hopefully help you answer those questions and judge if it’s a good fit for you before you take the leap.

Episodes will be released during June-September, which you can find on the podcast home page.

Happy listening!

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