The Future of Work with Jason Girzadas

Jason Girzadas talks about how technology ushered Deloitte through the pandemic.

If you’re Jason Girzadas, managing principal for businesses, global, and strategic services at Deloitte U.S., you approach team management “with a head and a heart.” In the one-hour video episode below, Girzadas converses with Alyene Schneidewind, chief revenue officer of Salesforce Anywhere, to discuss what every company should be asking themselves right now about the future of work, the employee experience, and upskilling resilient workers in an age of flux.

After their talk, you’ll see a software demonstration of the Salesforce Anywhere platform for communication and deal flow on the go. And the musical guest to round out the program is Sameer Gadhia.

Quotes from Jason Girzadas, managing principal for businesses, global, and strategic services at Deloitte U.S.:

How has the outlook on work changed at Deloitte in the midst of a pandemic?

What we’re going through is first and foremost a human tragedy, and as business leaders, we have to acknowledge that first. We have had to think about this whole situation from both a head and a heart perspective, if you will. This is not just an analytical exercise but an emotional, health-related crisis. We’ve always had to think about our response with respect to our workforce and our clients, and now more than ever resilient leaders need to express empathy and compassion. This has been a defining moment in all of our careers.

What questions should companies be asking themselves about their work and their workforce?

How do employers think about connecting real purpose and value to the work that they’re asking their people to do? The data suggests that the hours in the work day are expanding, and so the stress and pressure on our workforce is immense. How do we find a way to build resilience into a workforce that enables them to not only bounce back, but bounce forward? Trailhead (Salesforce’s online learning platform) and Pathfinder (a joint training program from Salesforce and Deloitte) are powerful tools that help companies say, “Instead of the cycle of hiring, laying off, and hiring again, how do I prepare people for the next evolution of change?” How do we use these tools and technologies to make the workforce more inclusive, more representative, and more diverse?

What are some of the innovations that excite you about the future of work?

We have to go beyond just traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We need to think differently about using data through all points of our client life cycles, to strengthen relationships and the depths of collaborations amongst our teams, in addition to supporting sales and closing processes. We operate a global firm and operate across boundaries of every sort. We have this immense opportunity to reimagine the experience that we create for our clients.

Watch the Salesforce Anywhere demo

Twenty-three minutes in, Elizabeth Martin, technical product marketer for Salesforce Anywhere, shows us how to take our team communications and deal management on the go.

Watch the full video at the link below:


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