Salesforce Republic London August

For the second in the series of SF Republic meetups, we were joined by Salesforce guru Tom Whitlock. It was another hugely successful and insightful event, which also saw us introduce our new initiative – Salesforce Surgery!

Since the purpose of these events is to facilitate the careers of Salesforce professionals, something that comes hand-in-hand with this is encouraging you to discuss issues and solve any queries you are having with the platform – welcome to Salesforce Surgery!

Salesforce and non-profits

Tom Whitlock is a veteran Salesforce implementation specialist and consultant,  as well as an expert in the use of Salesforce for non-profit businesses. We were lucky enough to have him join us to provide insights into Salesforce itself and also what is available with the non-profit cloud and the capabilities it provides to charities and other non-profit companies.

One of the fantastic things about the platform is that they donate 10 licences to registered non-for-profit businesses, meaning that these kinds of companies can benefit from Salesforce with no cost at all!

Tom revealed first-hand how he had seen the non-profit cloud transform businesses. He worked with a client that kept data on multiple spreadsheets across various functions, their setup was hugely chaotic and difficult to manage. Tom helped this client integrate Salesforce and transformed the way the business operated.

We were given an insight into the platform interface, how it operates and some of the key features that help non-for-profits streamline their processes, including;

• Constituent and donor management
• Donation and grant management
• Engagement management
• Volunteer management
• Reporting and analytics
• Mobile, social and cloud

Tom then opened questions up to the floor, leading us smoothly into the first ever Salesforce Surgery session…

Welcome to Salesforce Surgery

The discussions at the first Salesforce Surgery were naturally centred around the topic of the non-profit cloud, following on from Tom’s insightful presentation, it made sense to make the most of his fountain of knowledge. The group discussed everything – from the platform’s functionalities, reporting, analytics and data management to how it can transform a multitude of organisations.

Overall, the first Salesforce Surgery was a huge success. Everyone at the event relished the opportunity to get involved in conversations with their peers. There were plenty of questions asked and advice offered. It was highly interactive with everyone participating and truly getting a lot out of it.

Thank you

This was another fantastic SF Republic event, with new initiatives in the form of Salesforce Surgery and an engaging talk from Tom Whitlock on how Salesforce can transform the processes of non-profits. Thank you once again to all those who attended the event and got involved with the insightful conversations, with special thanks going to the fantastic Tom Whitlock.

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