6 Salesforce Podcasts Perfect for Everyone in the Ecosystem

As mentioned in a number of our Salesforce blogs and through conversations we’ve had with industry experts via our #SalesforceQA series, the community is incredibly active. Your peers are always sharing experiences, insights and advice through various platforms – podcasts now being one of them!

Podcasts are a great way of staying up to date on industry news and goings-on in the ecosystem. We’ve hand-picked some of the top Salesforce podcasts for you to listen to, to stay in the know, anytime and anywhere!

1. Two WIT Podcast

A fantastic podcast for Women in Tech with a Salesforce focus. The bright, quick-witted and relatable hosts, Salesforce MVPs, Kristi Campbell and Melinda Smith interview some brilliant guests and have empowering conversations for any women working in the tech space.

2. Campfire Stories

A great podcast for anyone in the Salesforce community. Hosts Justice and Stacey, speak to individuals from across the industry including thought leaders, admins, developers, SME’s and veterans in the ecosystem. Their guests tell their stories with the platform, giving advice and insights to fellow Trailblazers.

3. Salesforce Way

This one is specifically for all of the Salesforce Developers out there! Their motto is to ‘Help YOU become a better Salesforce Developer’. The purpose of the podcast is to keep developers learning. Whether you’re a Salesforce Developer or looking to advance your career; give this podcast a listen for access to some fantastic interviews. They pick the brains of genuine Salesforce experts including, accomplished software architect and developer, Scott Wells and Jim Bartek the CEO of Growth Heroes.

4. Quotable 

The Quotable podcast is produced by Salesforce. One of the best things about the podcast is the diversity of guests and topics. Host Kevin Micalizzi, has insightful conversations with small business owners talking around values-based selling, powerful women in tech, CEOs discussing AI, and even icons such as makeup giant, Bobbi Brown talking about their successes.

5. Good Day, Sir!

A tech podcast with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform and ecosystem. The podcast was started by freelance software engineers Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago. Despite an obvious focus on Salesforce, the hosts also discuss broader tech news. Whilst also sharing their own experiences with various tools and integrations. A great podcast for any Salesforce professional!

6. The Salesforce Admins Podcast

This 30 minute weekly podcast is hosted by Salesforce admin evangelist, Gillian Bruce. The empowering podcast features real-life experiences from Salesforce admins, product managers and community leaders who are transforming businesses, careers, and communities.

Whether you’re new to podcasts or have been an avid listener for a while. Next time you have a long commute, are taking the dog for a walk or just have some spare time, give one of these a listen.

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