Salesforce Developer Named as one of the Top Jobs for Career Opportunities

When it comes to being satisfied at work, having the ability to advance your career is a key component. Having access to career opportunities in the workplace is one of the three strongest predictors of employee satisfaction. This is based on millions of reviews left on Glassdoor. Are you a Salesforce Developer? Then you’re in luck as this role was named as one of the top jobs for career opportunities in the U.S.

Which roles provide the best career opportunities? 

Glassdoor analysed millions of employee reviews to identify 25 jobs with the best career opportunities in the U.S. Although the list of jobs with great career opportunities is not limited to tech; we see finance, healthcare, and marketing roles with strong career paths as well. Tech roles do feature heavily on the list with Salesforce Developer ringing in at second place.

Job seekers can use this list of jobs to identify roles that have been rated by employees on Glassdoor:

  1. Fostering strong career opportunities at their companies
  2. Paying well above the U.S. median base salary
  3. Being in demand in today’s labor market. 

Almost half of these jobs with bright futures are tech positions. Tech roles like Salesforce Developer and data scientists are in high demand. Not only at tech companies but across almost all industries. This demonstrates that employers are willing to pay top dollar. They need tech workers that can organise and analyse data and build software. 

As companies across industries continue to amass data, the demand for professionals able to wrangle big data has increased. In particular, Salesforce Developers can help create scalable data solutions for Salesforce workflows customised to their employers’ unique needs. The demand for these skills makes this job both high paying and designed to foster strong career growth opportunities.

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