Salesforce Developer – a career that will be booming throughout the 2020’s

As we all know Salesforce’s influence in workplaces across the globe has expanded vastly over the past 10 years. So much so that the role of a Salesforce Developer has become a sought-after position at huge companies such as Google, Amazon, PwC and Uber. And is a career that will be booming throughout the 2020’s.

Salesforce Developers use the Salesforce platform to code software or application solutions. This helps their company to better connect with customers, partners and potential customers.

“It’s a job completely born out of successful technology product that’s changed the ways companies function and organize data,” Stansell says.

Developers generally have a background in computer science and may pursue certification in specific Salesforce applications or processes. That said, developers also need soft skills, such as communication, in order to interpret data and workflows for a non-technical audience. Check out our blog all about the key traits of Salesforce Developers for more information on what it takes to be successful as one of the most sought-after tech professionals.

“I think we’ll continue to see this trend in the future with really successful tech products,” Stansell says, adding, “People who are able to learn those skills and apply them for different companies can have really great career paths.” It’s most certainly a career that will be booming throughout the 2020’s

Take a look at our Q&A with a Salesforce Developer here.


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