Re-shaping Your Salesforce Career Post-Pandemic

Whilst many have contemplated what the ‘new normal’ will bring, one thing is certain the post-pandemic world offers the opportunity to reshape your career in the ecosystem. How might you ask?

We discuss 3 aspects the pandemic has affected; how we work, how we connect and how we plan ahead, and offer advice on how these aspects can be utilised to re-shape your career.

How Do You Work Best?

Many within the ecosystem will have undergo a dramatic shift from office-based working to a remote working environment over the past year.

With the disappearance of the commute and the beginning of ‘Zoom fatigue’ working from home has both pros and cons; but does it work for you? Have you found yourself more productive in an at-home office? Or have you missed face-to-face meetings with your team?

Now that companies are re-evaluating their approach to work and team culture; Salesforce itself have even announced that the ‘9-5 workday is dead’, now is the time to decide how you would like to work going forward.

Planning Ahead

The post-pandemic world provides you with the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career goals and your professional development.

The pandemic has highlighted to organisations the importance of digital, increasing the demand for Salesforce professionals as companies undergo a transformation to adapt and survive in this digital-first world. This increase in demand presents an opportunity for career growth. Now is the time to reflect on your career in the ecosystem and plan ahead. What is your next career step? What goals will you set to accomplish?

Your Salesforce Network

The events of the past year have offered the opportunity to vastly expand your professional network.

With Salesforce meetups and events moving to an online space the lack of a geographical barrier has meant that people have been able to access events from anywhere.

In a recent #SalesforceQA, Porto User Group Leader, Miguel Carvalho encourages others to get involved not only with your local community, because in fact it’s not local anymore, and join other communities as well.

Attending these worldwide events allows you to meet and make connects with people outside of your usual network. These connections can then be utilised to take advantage of opportunities you otherwise may not have had access to.

Thinking about these three aspects and strategically planning your next steps will enable you to re-shape your Salesforce career in the post-pandemic world.

If you are a Salesforce professional looking to re-shape your career and take your next step, get in touch with our specialist consultants today!

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