Qualities of a Salesforce MVP

Qualities of an MVP

Salesforce MVPs are dedicated to the ecosystem that they operate within. They are trailblazers and lifelong learners. But the special thing about MVPs is their willingness to share their experiences and expertise to help the entire community from veterans to new starters. So what are the key qualities of a Salesforce MVP?

We explore some of the top qualities that Salesforce MVPs tend to possess in order to help you understand what it takes to be awarded the coveted MVP title. 

What are the qualities of a Salesforce MVP?

1. Thirst for knowledge

Since Salesforce is constantly innovating, it’s essential (for anyone) to stay up to date with the latest advances. MVPs are always keeping an eye on the hottest new trends and share their thirst for knowledge on the platform.

Keeping the knowledge you have to yourself won’t benefit you or the wider Salesforce community. MVPs understand this and rather than keep their skills and expertise to themselves they share, share, share. Whether it’s through sessions, blog posts or community events. 

2. Generous with knowledge

A natural follow on from ‘thirst for knowledge’ is to talk about MVP’s willingness to share their expertise. MVPs are the ultimate mentors, not only sharing their knowledge but also their real-life experiences and very importantly the past mistakes that they have learned from.

Salesforce MVPs are more often than not the first to lend a helping hand to their fellow Trailblazers, from people they already know to those starting out in the ecosystem. There’s so much inclusivity, no cliques, preferential treatment or discrimination.

3. Innovative and creative

A Salesforce MVP is someone who is constantly looking for ways to innovate, who creates where there isn’t necessarily a path and leaves a trail for others to follow. Devoting countless time, effort and care, in initiatives that are important to them, to make a difference to other’s lives. Focussing on knowledge, inspiration, experience, positiveness, courage, openness, respect, commitment, and focus.

4. Trust

Trust is one of Salesforce’s core values. Today with information overload, we have multiple channels, groups, sites, social profiles, apps, notifications, etc. it can get very overwhelming and overloading. But it’s important to try and cut through the noise, and go deeper, find the people you trust to give you advice and share experiences with. Who is someone that has made a difference to you?

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