Podcast Alert: Salesforce Freelancing

Considering the freelance work-life but don’t know where to start? This mini-series will show you how to run a Salesforce freelance business, digging into real world discussions of how to start and thrive as a Salesforce freelancer.

This first episode features Lucy Mazalon – founder of The DRIP, editor of SalesforceBen, and a self-employed Pardot and Salesforce consultant. Lucy and I talk about her experience as a freelancer and the different ways to generate business, and how to get clients.

Show Notes:

  • We kicked off our conversation by talking about why she decided to start freelancing,
  • The three common models for generating freelance business, and the Pro’s and Con’s of each (Contracting Through a Recruiter, Sub-contracting Through a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Get your Own Clients Directly),
  • Even if you have a preferred model of generating business (for instance, if you prefer to work directly with clients), it can be valuable to use the other two models as well,
  • How to build strong relationships with trusted recruiters and referral partners,
  • The importance of following up with past clients,
  • Using online marketplaces (like Upwork) to generate business,
  • How to take small steps to move from full-time employee to freelancer,
  • Why freelancing requires particular skills, like sales, self-direction and small business management,
  • Ideas on how to specialize: by industry, by getting experience/certified in a unique combination of areas…

…and more!

About Your Host

Brian Shea is a Salesforce Architect and self-employed consultant. Read more…

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source: https://www.salesforceben.com/salesforce-freelancing-the-3-work-models-getting-your-first-clients/

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