Can Salesforce Certifications Boost your Career?

In today’s digital world there are hundreds of employers who are looking for professionals with experience and knowledge in Salesforce. They want these people to join their teams, help them streamline processes and digitally transform. There are also more and more Salesforce professionals entering the ecosystem. So, Salesforce certifications can definitely help to boost your career.

In such a competitive market, it’s always important to do what you can in order to stand out from the crowd. We explore how getting certified can help you to shine and ultimately boost your Salesforce career.


Taking the time to expand your knowledge into a certain area of Salesforce, will essentially help you to become a subject matter expert in the field you are studying. While hands-on experience is certainly important, a certification can help to give you that edge. You are likely to be in higher demand due to your citification giving you credibility. This will ultimately boost your salary and your career.


We have touched on this above, credibility is definitely another career-boosting benefit of becoming Salesforce certified. Dedicating time to expanding your expertise in specific areas of Salesforce will give credibility to your knowledge and expertise of the platform.

As a general rule, the standard for Salesforce certifications is high. It’s almost guaranteed that a person who has certifications is an expert in that field. Employers appreciate this, meaning you’re initially more likely to stand out if you’re certified.


Employers understand that becoming certified isn’t easy, the process involves a great deal of dedication. Taking the time to become certified demonstrates your commitment to your career and to expanding your knowledge of the platform. Making the choice to become certified can only be a career-boosting move. Securing a certification confirms to an employer that you’re committed, passionate and dedicated to your career.


More and more people are placing importance on flexibility and autonomy in their work. Naturally, flexible and remote working opportunities are becoming more common with cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce.

However, flexibility is more than just about being able to work part-time or from home. It’s also about having freedom of choice. Having the opportunity to work for a range of businesses, across industries and even countries. This is something that having certifications will help with as they will make you shine in a competitive market. Flexibility means you’re able to constantly challenge yourself – giving your career a big boost.


If you’re looking for a step up or to take a different path in your Salesforce journey, certifications could give you the boost that you need. If you’re finding that your CV isn’t hitting the mark – taking the time to study and expand your knowledge, will also certainly help to develop your career.


Whilst studying for your certification, there are plenty of groups to join, events to attend and websites to use in order network with others who are taking the same certification or are already certified.

Everyone knows that networking provides a huge career boost. Forming relationships with your peers gets your name out there. Furthermore, you’ll learn things you otherwise might not have and it could open doors that may be career-changing.

While certifications aren’t essential to a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s clear from the points above that getting certified can help give your career a boost. In our #SalesforceQA with Brendan Conroy, Senior Consultant at MondayCall, he discusses the importance of becoming certified, saying “The certification makes you stand out from others who are interviewing for the same position.”

In our opinion, certifications are definitely worth your time and effort and can help to accelerate your career. It’s important to continue developing your knowledge. Do what you can to stand out against the growing competition – certifications are a great way to do this.

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