Salesforce Practice Lead Takes you on his Certification Journey

John Knight is a 6x Salesforce certified, 2x Trailhead Ranger and currently Salesforce Practice Lead. As a Lightning Champion with a focus on activation, he enjoys helping admins transition their orgs from Classic to Lightning.

“After passing my Advanced Admin cert, I made the recommendation to plan on studying 50-100 hours on top of everything to pass the first admin cert.

For my 6th certification, Deployment Lifecycle and Deployment Designer, I studied for about an hour in total and suggested that experience is better preparation than studying.

Now I’m looking to take the Platform Developer 1 cert next. There will definitely be studying. This will be my 7th cert when I get it, and one of my best friends and colleagues, Ben Fuller is still on #1. Half of what I know about Salesforce, I learned from him though, including a lot of what was tested in my last certification around best practices for deployments.

Here’s the point: there are many different paths in a Salesforce career. I encourage everyone in the Salesforce Ohana to keep learning, keep growing, and pass it forward in whatever way is right for you.”

John goes into more detail about all of his certifications here:

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