Becoming Salesforce Certified: Tips from a CTA

Salesforce CTA Advice

From mobile apps to the plumbing in your home, there is someone working behind the scenes to make sure things work the way they’re supposed to. Just like a plumber ensures water comes out of the tap when you turn on the faucet, I use Salesforce to ensure applications function the way you expect them to. So here are some top tips from a CTA.

As a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA), I apply the latest Salesforce tools and capabilities, like AI, Einstein, Lightning and Analytics, and help transform the world’s leading organisations.

How to get Salesforce certified: 5 career tips
If you are thinking of working toward becoming a Salesforce CTA, here are tips that worked during my prep:

  • Expand your basic Salesforce development knowledge (e.g., Apex, Visualforce and Lightning).
  • Familiarize yourself with the platform’s governor limits and understand its point-and-click native capabilities.
  • Get involved in enterprise-level projects implementing and delivering Salesforce applications; you’ll gain experience on managing stakeholder expectations and synthesizing client requirements into viable technical solutions.
  • Focus on what works (and what doesn’t) on real-world projects and get exposure to other enterprise technologies.
  • Be aware of other software technologies to help you understand how Salesforce fits and integrates into a complex IT architecture landscape.

How I become a Salesforce CTA
I started planning for the Salesforce CTA review board with my career counselor and the senior technical leadership team. Over the past few years, I’ve worked on large-scale Salesforce implementations, which provided opportunities to work alongside brilliant senior technical architects from both Accenture and client organizations… have a read of Lynette Lim’s full story to becoming a CTA and advice here.

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