All Things Developer Careers With David Liu

David Liu is a Salesforce technical architect at Google. He began his career as a Salesforce developer and ended up at Google in his dream job. Throughout his career, he’s learned a lot about success and what it actually looks like. He’s also helped many others through the interview process.

In this episode, David shares his story with us. He reveals his failures and how they brought him to where he is today. He also gives a peek behind the curtain into Salesforce careers. Listen in to hear his unique insights.

Show Highlights:

  • How to frame questions to discover how people are thinking about their job.
  • The things he looks for in the people he interviews.
  • What his website, Salesforce for the 99%, means.
  • The importance of targeting a really small niche in marketing.
  • How to frame technical content for non-technical people.
  • His encounters with imposter syndrome.
  • The role of failure in coming through a career.


Listen to the episode or read the full interview transcript at the link below.


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