Advice From Innovators in the Ecosystem

The end of one year and the beginning of another, offers the opportunity to reflect and plan for the year ahead. Whether you are looking to grow your network, develop your niche or expand your skillset, now is the time to take on that next challenge.

We’ve collated advice from a few of our exclusive interviews with innovators in the ecosystem to provide you with their tips on how to build on your Salesforce career.

Stuart Mills – VP of Ecosystems (International) at Salesforce

“Find focus, but be restless, and always say thank you. Learn resilience and be forgiving (of yourself and others). Imagine… if you could activate the potential of everyone you encounter.”

Heather Black – CEO and Founder of Supermums

“The biggest piece of advice people always say is ask questions. Whether it’s with your clients or anybody else, ask questions….Don’t be afraid to reach out, and I think that’s the one thing the Salesforce community is really good at is sharing knowledge, on lots of different channels, and experience, and I think it’s just tapping into the right people for you and what you need to learn about right now.”

Gaurav Kheterpal – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MTX Group LTD

“This was something I was told in the early stages of my career. One of my previous managers mentioned it the day I got an award from them. Their advice was to never rest on past laurels, just keep learning, as this is the only way to grow. That’s an approach which I have followed for the last 20 odd years. I think people do tend to become complacent once they achieve something, but it’s important to keep going, to keep that motivation and find that next challenge.” 

Amanda Beard – Neilson – Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at ABN PRO LTD

“Fresh out of University, I was the type of person who was a doer. I have learnt over time to pause my natural instinct to dive straight in, but to first listen and to try and understand other people’s perspectives before taking action.

This is me practising empathy. My biggest advice is to learn to empathise with your customers and colleagues. By taking a moment to understand another’s motivation and situation can help you in turn deliver a better solution. Listen and act with empathy.”

Amber Boaz – Salesforce Solution Architect at Rapid7

“Find that support system. The Trailblazer community is a great way to do that. Every form of social media; LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, also has some form of Salesforce presence that you can connect with. Based on your preferences, you can go and find those people who resonate with you. Whilst you might not click with everyone, I’m well aware that I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, find those people you can call on a Tuesday night to talk about something. Find your crowd.”

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