Advice For Your Post COVID-19 Job Interview

One opportunity that the current pandemic has opened up to many organisations is the availability of remote workers. With many companies now confirming that their remote working policies will stay in place for the foreseeable future, including Salesforce, not being restricted by location means that now may be the perfect time for you to apply for that dream role in the ecosystem.

However, with the job market being more competitive than ever, with the average number of job applications increasing by 47%, as well as IT being the third most competitive industry, we’ve listed below some things to consider when preparing and participating in your post COVID-19 job interview, with the aim of making you stand-out from the crowd.

Do Your Research

Even before the coronavirus happened it was important before attending any job interview to conduct research around the company, but with many organisations launching new initiatives during this pandemic; for example Salesforce’s, or adapting the way they carry out business in current circumstances, it is perhaps now more essential to have a holistic knowledge of the company you are applying to when preparing for your job interview. 

Knowing exactly where the company is heading post COVID-19 will enable you to properly position yourself within their organisation during the interview and highlight to the interviewer(s) how you can add value to the business.

Expand Your Knowledge

As part of our #SalesforceQ&A, many industry professionals highlight that one of the main benefits of the Salesforce ecosystem are the events and opportunities to network that it provides. Whilst the pandemic may have restricted meeting face-to-face, it has meant that organisations had to become creative with how they facilitated events, even making them more accessible by holding them virtually.

If during your research you notice that the company you are applying to uses a particular Salesforce feature, attend a meetup which discusses it to further your knowledge in the area and then reference something you may have learned from the meetup during your interview. Highlighting to the interviewer(s) that you have attended these events. Looking for your next event to attend? Check out the Salesforce Republic meetup page to see what we have coming up. Hand-in-hand with attending meetups to expand your knowledge, build on your understanding with Salesforce’s learning platform Trailhead. Taking the time during these unusual times, to develop professionally will show the interviewer(s) that you are proactive and adaptable.

If the company you are applying to is holding a virtual networking session be sure to attend and meet as many people as possible, this offers the opportunity to get insight into what and what not to do during the interview process.

Make Use of Recruiters

It can be beneficial to use recruiters not only to find you that perfect job in the ecosystem, but also during the process of preparing for your interview. Recruiters work closely with the company they are filling the role for and also read plenty of job applications. Getting advice from a recruiter can be what really makes you stand out during your interview. 

Check Your Tech

Whilst this may seem trivial, it is fundamental to check your equipment before participating in your interview. Whereas before the coronavirus happened you would more than likely be invited to the company’s office, where they would supply any materials that were needed for the interview, with the process being virtual it is now up to you to make sure that you have everything and that it works.

Running a few practice tests before the interview will not only ensure that your equipment is working, but can also offer the opportunity to practice prepped answers which will reduce nerves.

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