Women In Salesforce

Technology intertwines with our working and personal lives every day. It enables transformations. It’s at the heart of innovation. There has never been a better time to work in the most fascinating, fastest-growing industry in the world. And there has never been a better time to pass on our knowledge and passion to the next generation.

However, it is still clear that more needs to be done to increase diversity and inclusion within the industry.

  • 26% of computing-related jobs are held by women*
  • Women hold only 16% of positions at the senior level within the tech industry**
  • For computing fields, women earn only 87% of what men earn***

Through insightful Q&A’s with leading female innovators in the ecosystem, career advice blogs and regular meetups, Women In Salesforce aims to provide you with all the content and networking opportunities needed to help you make the most out of the ecosystem.

Join us at our events

Women In Salesforce events were founded to connect, inspire and develop the careers of female technologists in order to make the ecosystem a more diverse and inclusive working environment for all.

For our first event we were joined by two fantastic speakers, both experienced Salesforce professionals: Anna Pappas, Senior Director, Financial Services GTM Lead for Salesforce at Capgemini, and Devin Spence, Solution Architect and Founder of Seelman Consulting.

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For the second virtual meetup of our Women In Salesforce series, we were once again joined by the wonderful Karen Lee, Salesforce Practice Director at Saberpoint, alongside Salesforce Administrator, Jennifer Kleinfeld.

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We recently held the final Women In Salesforce virtual meetup of 2020. Speaking at the event we were delighted to be joined by two experienced female Salesforce professionals; Gisselle Nuñez, Senior Solutions Architect at Synaptic Advisory Partners and Lynn Grande, Salesforce Architect at Southern Cloud Solutions.

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We were excited to be joined by two incredibly accomplished women in the ecosystem, Renee Gregor and Krissy Jones, as they discussed the cruciality of, and strategies around supporting delivery teams during such an unprecedented time in the world.

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Expand Your Network

Join our Women In Salesforce LinkedIn group to network with other female #Trailblazers and discuss key topics in the ecosystem, including those around diversity and inclusion.

Read our exclusive Q&A’s

We recently spoke to Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame and Chicago Admin Trailblazer Community Leader, Denise Carbone, about her journey in the Salesforce ecosystem. Denise also offers her advice to other women looking to navigate a career in the industry.

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Amber Boaz, Salesforce MVP talks about the key skills needed to exceed in a Solution Architect role as well as the emerging trends she is most excited about.

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We caught up with Salesforce MVP Christine Marshall to talk about how you can get involved in the ecosystem.

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In our exclusive Q&A with CXO Amber Beard – Neilson we spoke about what businesses and the wider community can do to increase diversity in the ecosystem.

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Founder and CEO of Supermums, Heather Black discusses her transition into a career in Salesforce and offers the best piece of advice she has received for others looking to start a career in the ecosystem.

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Golden Hoodie winner and MVP Bhavana Singh talks about her interesting career move from a NASA Control Centre to the Salesforce ecosystem and offers top tips for others navigating a career in Salesforce.

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We caught up with Gemma Emmett, Founder of The Architect Club who discussed how Salesforce is evolving in line with digital transformation and how businesses and professionals can adapt.

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Meighan Brodkey

We caught up with Salesforce MVP, Meighan Brodkey to talk about her journey from Admin to Architect. Meighan talks about the key traits needed to succeed as a Technical Architect and offers her top tips.

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Certified Salesforce Professional

President and CEO of LizzardTech Consulting, Melissa Shepard spoke to us about the benefits and challenges of starting a new player in the Salesforce market.

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If you would like to get involved with Women In Salesforce; speak at an event, take part in a Q&A – get in touch today!

* https://builtin.com/women-tech/women-in-tech-workplace-statistics** https://www.isemag.com/2020/10/telecom-the-latest-stats-on-women-in-tech/ ***https://www.cio.com/article/3516012/women-in-tech-statistics-the-hard-truths-of-an-uphill-battle.html