Which Soft Skills Should Salesforce Professionals Be More Focused On?

When thinking about the ecosystem and the different skills that are required to have a successful career in Salesforce, many people may concentrate purely on the technical aspect of the platform, after all technical skills are what enable you to gain Salesforce certifications.

However, the majority of Salesforce professionals; CTA’s and MVPs, that participate in our #SalesforceQA series often stress the importance of focusing on soft skills as well. Salesforce MVP, Carl Brundage emphasises the significance of thinking “beyond the technical.”

But which soft skills should you be focusing on in 2021? Here are our top picks!


Being able to communicate effectively is always a valuable skill particularly within the Salesforce ecosystem.

In any Salesforce role whether that be as an Admin, Developer or Consultant, you may have to communicate not only with your team but also with non-technical people. Having the ability to efficiently switch between technical jargon and layman’s terms will be extremely useful for your Salesforce career.

As businesses move towards a post-pandemic world and an increase in hybrid working, good communication skills will also be beneficial for keeping team teams on track with projects in this workplace environment.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation is one of the core Salesforce principles. With an ever-expanding ecosystem being able to innovate and creatively solve problems will ensure you have a successful Salesforce career.

In fact, we’ve previously mentioned these particular soft skills before, when we analysed the qualities needed to become a Salesforce MVP. With nominations for the 2021 cohort opening soon, why not check out the rest of our highlighted qualities?


A fundamental pillar of the Ohana is the willingness of Salesforce professionals to work with others.

Through sharing knowledge, offering career advice and networking with people in the ecosystem, having the skill to collaborate with your peers is an essential way to advance your Salesforce career.

Outside of working with your team there are a multitude of ways to get involved with the Salesforce community and enhance your collaboration skills; attending meetups, writing blogs, offering mentorship.

If you’d like to participate in our Q&A series or community meetups to share your knowledge and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Are you a talented Salesforce professional looking to take on your next role? Talk to our specialist recruiters today!

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