What to expect from the Summer ’21 Release

Salesforce have announced that its Summer ‘21 Release is now available to preview. The release, which includes more than 500 products and features, will be generally available to Salesforce customers after June 14.

Here are 4 things you can expect from this release.

The Summer ‘21 release includes:

Employee Concierge: With Employee Concierge, employees can access a knowledge base and ticketing system directly from their Employee Workspace Experience Cloud site. 

Workforce Engagement: With the Service Cloud integration, customer contact centres can route work to the best-skilled agents at the right time.

Content Scheduler: CMS Content Scheduler will include a new way to easily curate, share, and manage content. 

Einstein Search: Intelligent search within CRM to make it personal and actionable.

Customer input drives ongoing innovation

Salesforce innovates in order to provide new and useful products to customers — the innovations are directly inspired by customer feedback. To learn more about Salesforce’s customer-led innovation, and see the Summer ‘21 features in action, visit the updated releases page at salesforce.com/releases

source: https://www.salesforce.com/news/stories/salesforce-summer-21-release-4-things-to-expect/

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