The Secret to Upskilling Your Salesforce Team

Companies that are looking to achieve long-term growth need to invest in upskilling their employees. As a result of the past year, the acceleration towards a digital first experience has only increased an already large digital skills gap, which could cost an estimated $11 trillion in cumulative GDP growth.

In a recent interview, Salesforce’s Chief Innovation Officer, Simon Mulcahy, highlighted the need for companies to not just produce products and services, “but also to integrate educational experiences into the context of work.”

How can you continuously upskill your Salesforce team to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving ecosystem? We’ve highlighted a few resources that can help!


One of the main causes of the digital skills gap is a lack of access to digital infrastructure and skills based on socioeconomic status.

In an attempt to counteract this and encourage people from all backgrounds into a career in the ecosystem, Salesforce launched a free online learning platform: Trailhead.

Trailhead enables people from around the world to learn new digital skills, earn relevant industry credentials and connect with opportunities and that’s not all….Salesforce also offers the ability for businesses to personalise their onboarding and skilling experience through myTrailhead. With myTrailhead companies are able to create and develop their own courses and as such match employees with projects they have the most compatible skills for.


Many participants in our #SalesforceQA series mention the willingness of people within the ecosystem to offer their time and knowledge to help others.

As a company, if you are looking to upskill your current Salesforce team or even the incoming members of your team, mentorship is a great way to ensure that they and you are up-to-date with what there is to learn.

Salesforce have their own Trailblazer Connect and Trailblazer Mentorships program that connects mentees of all skill levels with mentors across the ecosystem. However, if you have a large Salesforce team in your organisation it may be worth considering creating your own mentorship program as a way to not only upskill employees but also motivate them towards career progression within the company.

Workforce Development Initiative

The final resource that we would like to mention that can help you to upskill your incoming Salesforce talent is a workplace development initiative Salesforce launched in partnership with Deloitte, the Pathfinder Training Program.

This initiative is designed to provide people with the technical, business and soft skills needed to pursue a career in the ecosystem. By the end of the program participants will have accumulated 100 hours of technical training on the platform and have been connected with a mentor.

As the Salesforce ecosystem continues to grow and develop in the wake of the pandemic and beyond, making a commitment to upskill employees in the latest skills is vital to success.

Hopefully we have highlighted a few key resources to help you do just that. If we’ve missed anything let us know in the comments!

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