Setting Yourself Up For Your Next Salesforce Promotion

One of the main benefits of working in the Salesforce ecosystem is the ability to progress in your career. Whether that’s from one specific area Salesforce to another, or from role to role, there are multiple possibilities available.

With the pandemic resulting in many organisations undergoing digital transformations in order to adapt and survive in this changing environment, more opportunities are being created within the ecosystem than ever before. With the IDC estimating the creation of 9 million jobs by 2026, now may be the perfect time to take that next step in your career.

We’ve listed our top tips below to help you set yourself up for a promotion.

Communicate Your Career Goals

Whilst you may have clearly defined career goals it is important to communicate them to the appropriate people, this might be your manager or your mentor.

Scheduling a meeting with them and creating an agenda to provide structure will allow you to produce a plan of the specific steps you will take to get your promotion. Communicating your career goals will also enable you to get advice and feedback on your plan, based on what they have seen progressing through their career as well as their experience in the ecosystem.

Discussing your goals with a manager or mentor will also help you to stay on track with your promotion plan, as they are able to keep you accountable and motivate you.

Keep Learning

The Salesforce platform and ecosystem is a fast-paced environment. With multiple releases a year there is always something being developed. New ways of doing things are constantly on the horizon; just look at Salesforce Flow!

Staying on top of these releases and offerings, is a great way to set yourself up for a promotion within your team, as you can take what you have learned and apply it into your internal organisation or external implementations. Helping to improve the efficiency and quality of the businesses Salesforce capabilities. When asked to highlight why you should receive a promotion – these are perfect examples!

Be Confident

An important aspect of getting promoted is believing that you should be, and showing that in your actions.

One way to build your confidence and prove that you are ready for a promotion is to take on additional responsibility. Own a project. Start an initiative. Being proactive will emphasise to managers and potential employers that this is something you want and are willing to put in the work for.


Another benefit that working in the Salesforce ecosystem provides is access to a brilliant network and ‘Ohana’. There are a multitude of networking events that you can attend and connections within the ecosystem to make.

Networking can provide you with fantastic connections and access to job opportunities. At one of our Women In Salesforce meetups, Salesforce Practice Director at Saberpoint, Karen Lee spoke about the power of building your network. Along with interesting statistics – 85% of positions are filled through networking – Karen highlighted a key value around networking; networking makes it easier for people to recommend you for a role. You can watch the full video of Karen’s talk here.

To conclude, our best advice is to network, clearly communicate your career goals with your manager or mentor, create a structured plan for how to achieve your promotion and go for it!

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