#SalesforceQA – Nadina Lisbon, Salesforce Architect & MVP @ Tradeshift

In our most recent #SalesforceQA, we caught up with Nadina Lisbon, Salesforce Architect & MVP at Tradeshift.

Nadina offers her advice to those hoping to break into the Salesforce ecosystem, discusses the main benefits of attending User Groups, and highlights a key skill she believes will be in high demand throughout the ecosystem.

Salesforce Republic (SR): How did you begin your career in Salesforce? 

Nadina Lisbon (NL): I started my career while I was still in college as part of my Masters Program. I did an internship at a startup that built a real estate application for Salesforce. Going in, I had never seen Salesforce and my only description of it was “Oh, it is like proprietary Java”. It was so much more!

SR: Nadina, you’ve achieved a lot during your 7-8 year journey within the Salesforce ecosystem so far, what’s been your highlight?

NL: That’s a hard one, I have had so many moments, each year something new occurs. From writing my first Trigger, to being the last group to do the Platform Developer II Assignment and passing it, attending my first developer user group meeting and learning about how big this thriving ecosystem was back then, it’s exploded now.

I became a RAD Coach for RAD Women, a co-leader for the Austin Developer User Group and most recently a new Salesforce MVP. The journey has been magical, and I am just getting started as I am currently studying for my Certified Technical Architect exam.

SR: As you focus on your goal of becoming a Certified Technical Architect (CTA)  – what keeps you motivated to continue developing, learning & investing the time to complete the certifications required?

NL: Some days are pretty tough but, with the help of my supportive husband, my amazing group of friends, and all the other aspiring CTAs that I get to work with everyday, I am simply reminded that through discipline and focus, although the journey is long, the reward will be nothing short of amazing.

SR: What are you most looking forward to from a product development or enhancement perspective within the Salesforce umbrella of products?

NL: I am most excited for all the buzz around the new Mulesoft Composer, looking forward to seeing how it evolves and partners with other technology like Amazon App Flow. 

SR: What would be your advice to those hoping to break into the Salesforce ecosystem for the first time?

NL: Careerwise, I have had many opportunities where I was super eager to do a task that I did not 100% understand, so I spent many nights stretching my skill and learning on the spot. I have always been able to get it done at the 99th hour. I know now, not everything needs to be perfect and a working version will go through many iterations. 

As a new person starting out, be curious, opportunity comes from the things you may not know 100% of, still give it a go, it will be a great experience and you will learn a lot along the way. Whether that means starting at a small Salesforce shop, volunteering your time with a nonprofit or working on creating your own Salesforce App for the appexchange, opportunity will come when you least expect it.

SR: As Co-Leader of the Austin Developer User Group, why do you do it & what benefits do you feel there are for others that join User Groups like this one?

NL: When I first started my career, going to a developer group was so helpful to get to know other Salesforce Developers and aspiring developers and learning about Salesforce. Being a co-leader now, and being on the other side, I love helping to put on spaces where we get to learn about what’s going on from a developers perspective and also keeping this thriving community alive.

For anyone that has not gone to a local user group, they are great for networking, learning new things, and also teaching others. If you are not fortunate to have one that you identify with (User, Admin, Developer, Marketer, Nonprofit, Higher Ed User, Women In Tech) consider starting one, it’s a great way to build your leadership skills and engage with your community

SR: What skillsets within the Salesforce community do you foresee there being a demand for?

NL: I feel now more than ever the way we communicate, translating between technical jargan, business requirements and understanding not just what’s being said, reading between the lines, listening attentively is what will make you an asset.

SR: Any final words?

NL: To wrap it all up, be eager to learn, curious about new tech and on the days when your energy is low, take the day, rest up, rejuvenate and come back stronger tomorrow.

How to find me:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Nadina_codes

Trailblazer.me – https://trailblazer.me/id/nadina

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadinalisbon/

Blog – https://nadinalisbon.com/

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