#SalesforceQA – George Adamidis, Founder @ Rosedale Digital Marketing

In our most recent #SalesforceQA, we caught up with George Adamidis, Founder of Rosedale Digital Marketing.

George discusses the key benefits of starting your own business within the Salesforce ecosystem and why Marketing Cloud is becoming a ‘hot topic’ within the industry. George also offers his advice to others looking to pursue a Salesforce career in Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Republic (SR): To start, could you begin by telling us a bit about your background and how you ended up working within the Salesforce ecosystem?

George Adamidis (GA): I have been working in Email Marketing right out of graduate school in 1999 and have worked at a few Email Service Providers (ESPs) over my career.  In 2012 I was hired as the first Account Director based in Canada to manage ExactTarget’s Email business.  ExactTarget was acquired the following year by Salesforce and I left to join a client as the VP-CRM and Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, the start-up went bankrupt in 2016 and from those ashes I launched Rosedale Digital and became a Certified Salesforce Consultant for Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

SR: What would you say are the key benefits of starting your own business within the ecosystem?

GA: There is tremendous opportunity to work in the Salesforce ecosystem because the customer base in substantial and the finer skills on the platform are constantly in need. As your business and reputation grows, it becomes easier to find new customers and expand services – especially since so much platform training is available at no cost.

SR: What would you say are some of the key differences between Marketing Cloud and other marketing solutions?

GA: There are two major benefits of working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud – the flexible relational data schema and the opportunity to create cross-channel communication plans.  Data is the lubrication to a smooth-running operation and the ability to mould the data into the structure that best meets an individual business’ need is a big win.  Also, the ability to create cross-channel experiences is quite easy and is an incredibly powerful tool for any digital marketing organization.

SR: Marketing Cloud is becoming a ‘hot topic’ within the industry why do you think that is?

GA: Every organization, big and small, needs to be effective at digital marketing and the integration of Marketing Cloud with Sales/Service Cloud facilitates just that.  This is especially true as much business has migrated online in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

SR: In your opinion, has the past year impacted the priorities and / or purpose of Marketing Cloud within businesses?

GA: This past year has turbocharged efforts by our customers to move more activities online and to facilitate contactless business operations.  There have been a few shifts to digitize what was once only a physical experience.

SR: What advice would you give to others looking to pursue a Salesforce career in Marketing Cloud?

GA: Go for it! There are many opportunities and skills that can make you successful and keep you engaged in the Marketing Cloud space.  As the industry matures, the opportunities will as well.  Over 20 years after starting a career in Email there are still many organizations that simply don’t know how to be an effective digital marketer and there are always new and exciting challenges that await.

SR: Finally, are there any trends you have noticed or predictions you have for the future of Marketing Cloud in 2021?

GA: The pandemic has laid bare the need to create exceptional Digital Customer Experiences and the integration between Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce platforms is only just beginning.  Leveraging Einstein Artificial Intelligence to inform our offers, content and marketing activities to meet demanding Digital Customer Experience requirements is my prediction, and area of focus, for 2021.

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