Salesforce Architect Certifications

Salesforce Architect credentials comprise various certification paths that recognize specialized knowledge and skills, as well as your growing expertise using the Salesforce platform.

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) solves complex, large-scale customer challenges to produce secure, scalable, and high-performance solutions that maximize the full potential of the Salesforce Platform.

The Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect designs domain-specific, multi-cloud solutions on the Salesforce Platform that power personalized, frictionless customer experiences that maximize business value.

Salesforce Architect Journeys


Salesforce Technical Architects serve as executive-level strategic advisors who focus on business transformation with unrivaled domain expertise in functional, platform and integration architecture. They communicate technical solutions and design tradeoffs effectively to business stakeholders, and provide a delivery framework that ensures quality and success.


Salesforce Solution Architects guide digital transformation by aligning business and technology, defining the ‘why and how’ that drives solution success, selecting the right product features that maximize business value, and advocating for multi-cloud implementation best practices that create frictionless customer experiences.

Salesforce Architect Certifications

Application Architect

The Salesforce Application Architect has a deep understanding of native Salesforce features and functionality, as well as the ability to model a role hierarchy, data model, and appropriate sharing mechanisms.

B2C Solution Architect

The Salesforce B2C Solution Architect designs multi-cloud solutions on the Salesforce Platform that power personalized, frictionless customer experiences.

B2C Commerce Architect

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect has experience designing global sites that support multiple brands and channels using standard design patterns.

Heroku Architecture Designer

The Heroku Architecture Designer credential is designed for those who have the knowledge, skills, and extensive experience with architecting scalable solutions, deploying and managing apps, and managing teams and build-workflows on Heroku.

System Architect

System Architects focus on off-platform systems, integration, securing access between systems as well as managing governance and testing capabilities for deployment and ongoing Salesforce modification requirements.

Technical Architect

The Salesforce Technical Architect possesses broad knowledge across multiple development platforms and draws on their skills and experience to assess customer requirements and architecture in order to design secure, high-performance technical solutions that maximize the potential of the Salesforce platform.


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