Is There a Mindset to Becoming a CTA?

The knowledge you gain on each domain has to be applied in a business context , to solve for a business problem and achieve some business value. This is what a CTA mindset is about, bringing it all together and applying the right lenses to see the models. Here are simple ways to think like an Architect.

Think Strategically

  1. Think N numbers of steps in advance, think about how the situation could evolve, how levers could change
  2. Know the limitations and other workarounds
  3. Do the Risks assessment and mitigations honestly

Communicate Effectively

  1. A good architect not only knows the solution well but can explain it to different audiences as well. 
  2. You know knowledge is no good if your stakeholders do not understand how it helps them
  3. Be it developers or business leaders, communicating in context and in a language your audience understands is key to being a top class architect

See the big picture

  1. The Architect always has an eye on the BIG PICTURE. He forced on Plans, designs and reviews the construction of enterprise software, primarily cloud focused, and Salesforce related
  2. Keeping at an eye on the end results and keeping the program on it’s right course to achieve the right Business Results is key to success.

What Next?

1) Create your own goal.

Self assessment is very important. You should know What do you enjoy doing? What’s your natural Strength and What do you want to continue doing and what do you want to drop in your future role? Being a good Architect means lifelong learning, practicing and goal setting.

2) Presentation Skills

Take every opportunity for practice and overcome your fears. Speak at user group and run workshop with a customer and learn 5 Skills Great Salesforce Consultants Have In Common.

3) Find a mentor

A mentor is really useful specially when preparing for the CTA board review. Someone who can give you honest feedback and help you structure your thoughts is a key success ingredient in your success.

4) Practice makes you perfect

Now that you know the 3 simple ingredients that make a good architect and you feel ready for your review boards how do you get there? Let me tell you something, it is not easy. Bringing together your breadth of domain knowledge into context specific architecture take practice. So all I can say is Practice, Practice Practice.

5) Feedback is a gift

Finally “feedback is a gift” accept it graciously . It’s a quality that can only help you be better every-time. Experience is the wonderful knowledge that enables you to recognize a mistake when you do it again.

6) Habit of thinking strategically

One of the awesome things about going through the whole grill of becoming a CTA is you naturally get into the habit of thinking strategically, thinking of the big picture, organizing your thought into business context etc.

7) What’s beyond CTA

The learning does not stop there, growth mindset is extremely important before and even after the review boards.

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