How to Stand Out from other Salesforce Candidates

There’s never been a better time to work in the Salesforce ecosystem. Research by IDC suggests that Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners are estimated to create 9.3 million new jobs worldwide by 2026. With businesses embracing a digital future and looking to utilise the Salesforce platform to help them transform, now may be the perfect time to search for your next role.

But as more trailblazers join this growing ecosystem, how can you make sure to stand out from other candidates? We’ve listed our top 3 tips below to help!

Contribute to the Community

The trailblazer community is unique to the Salesforce ecosystem. With over 1,000 community groups across 85 cities around the world, there is definitely a group out there for you.

Leverage what the community has to offer; the opportunity to network with others and gain invaluable knowledge, to build your career.

Many accomplished trailblazers in the ecosystem equate their success to involvement with the community (check out our Q&A series to find out more). Contributing to the community, whether that be through writing blogs, speaking at events, or mentoring others, is a great way to increase your visibility to potential employers and showcase your passion for the platform.

Skill Up!

The demand for digital skills is increasing. A key takeaway from our recent Q&A with Salesforce MVP, Mike Martin; ‘Always be learning.’

One of the biggest job trends this year is the need for specialisation. With the platform ever-expanding, now is the time to carve your path in the ecosystem and find your niche.

Be sure to position yourself as an expert in this area, linking to the point above; share your expertise with other members of the community. Again, this will help to increase not only your visibility but also your credibility in the space. Highlighting to potential employers the key areas wherein you can add value to their Salesforce org and also help to up-skill current Salesforce professionals in the business.

Show Your Willing to Learn

Our final tip for standing out from other candidates isn’t something to do outside of your interviews but during; show that you are willing to learn.

Whilst some candidates will try to deflect questions around topics or information they don’t know, being honest during the interview, highlighting your passion and willingness to learn on the job is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

How can you show this? Listen to what the hiring manager has to say and ask responsive questions. Be inquisitive. Having already done your preparation and learnt about the role and organisation this is your opportunity to understand on a deeper level what is required from the role.

Are you a talented trailblazer looking to take the next step in your career? Talk to our specialist recruiters today!

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