What are the Highest Paying Salesforce Roles?

There is no doubt that a career in Salesforce leads to some very attractive salaries. The highest Salesforce salaries combine bountiful Salesforce skills to properly administer, implement, or develop on, and the fact that the platform brings a huge positive impact to businesses.

When getting started in the Salesforce world, there are usually a few core roles that people can hold. Some of these would include Junior Admin, Consultant, or Developer, depending on your background, one might be more appropriate than the other. Once you have a few years under your belt, there are many different paths you can take to build a fulfilling career.

As salary is a motivational factor for a lot of people, let’s take a look at the Salesforce jobs that command the most money in the world.

10. Pre-Sales Consultant | $144,000

A Pre-Sales consultant is a skilled role that bridges the gap between the commercial and technical world. By definition of their role, they are usually involved alongside sales in selling a product or service.

They will be the sales individuals right hand (wo)man, and will take on the responsibility of finding out about the prospects business and technical requirements, and will sometimes build and present a demo. Pre-Sales roles are usually found at product companies such as Salesforce, or any App on the AppExchange, as well as Salesforce consultancies selling their services.

9. Developer | $144,000

While a functional consultant configures Salesforce with point and click functionality, developers are brought in for more complex requirements. Salesforce developers typically code in Apex, Visualforce, Javascript for Lightning, and other languages for integration. Salesforce declarative functionality can only go so far, and developers can build almost anything on the platform.

8. Functional Consultant | $144,700

Functional consultants are the individuals that implement Salesforce products. You will most commonly find these roles within Salesforce Consultancies. They will be tasked with identifying a customer’s requirements, translating it to Salesforce solutions, and then actually implement it using declarative point and click tools on Salesforce.

7. Program Manager | $149,400

Program managers are very similar to Product Managers in the way that they are involved in the successful roll-out of Salesforce products. The way they differ is the fact that Programs are usually made up of several other projects, and have an overarching business strategy attached to all of them, providing extra complexity and required skill.

6. Solution Architect | $155,700

A solution architect is involved in the solutioning and architecting of Salesforce projects. While a functional consultant may be able to gather requirements and create a solution for a smaller project, Solution Architects are typically brought in for more complex projects.

This may involve multiple departments, integration with other systems, or simply complex processes. The Architects are the people that need to understand Salesforce inside out, as well as best practices associated with larger projects.

5. Development Manager | $158,000

When a team of developers is needed for an end-user of Salesforce, or a consultancy, a development manager may be required. They will in charge of ensuring developers performance, as well as providing best practice and leadership support.

4. Technical Consultant | $166,700

Similar to a functional consultant, you will find technical consultants mostly at Salesforce consultancies. The differentiator is that technical consultants will have the knowledge of both the functional, and development side of Salesforce. This is a powerful combination as you combine the functional and technical sides of Salesforce together, meaning this individual can support almost any aspect of Salesforce.

3. Technical Architect | $167,300

In the top 3, and there are no surprises here, the technical architect is one of the highest-paid Salesforce jobs in the world. Similar to a solution architect, technical architects will work on large scale implementations or projects. The difference being is that a technical architect can oversee any element of a Salesforce implementation, they understand code, integrations, declarative solutions, and even other systems such as AWS, CTI systems, and BI tools. Please bear in mind that this salary is not for a Certified Technical Architect, who can command even more than this salary!

2. Mulesoft Architect | $175,000

Salesforce purchased Mulesoft back in 2018, and it has been a huge success in helping companies move through their digital transformation. With it’s out of the box API connectors, you can connect Salesforce to any system, whether it has an API or not.

This doesn’t come cheap though. Mulesoft is an expensive, specialist product, and the skillset that comes with it is handsomly rewarded. Mulesoft Architect’s are some of the most well paid Salesforce professionals in the world, and for good reason, they are working with tools and processes that can make a huge impact.

1. DevOps Specialist | $176,000

2021 is truly the rise of Salesforce DevOps. Maybe it was the pandemic, or just that companies quickly came to the conclusion that using Salesforce native deployment tools had big limitations.

Whatever the reason, with the rising trend in Salesforce DevOps, specialists in this area can expect a big pay day. DevOps Apps can accelorate development timelines, while also decreasing bugs and issues. This means bigger business impact, and faster. Read some of our articles if this kind of role, and salary, interests you…

Bonus. VP Sales | $190,000 + Comission

There is one role in the Mason Frank Salary Survey that commands more money than a DevOps specialist, and that’s Sales Director, or VP Sales. You will typically find this role in Salesforce, Salesforce AppExchange partners, or Salesforce Consultancies. Sales roles such as this often make up their salary by 50% base, and then 50% performance-based commission.

While very different to many of the other technical roles above, if you fancy making the big bucks, sales could be a path to choose.

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source: https://www.salesforceben.com/highest-paying-salesforce-jobs/

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