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Salesforce’s biggest community event is happening next week. With Dreamforce happening in both an in-person and virtual setting this year is expected to be bigger than ever. As part of our #SalesforceQA series we speak to inspiring, successful professionals in the ecosystem about their experiences and the ever-changing world of Salesforce.

Hear are some of their words of wisdom on why you should get involved with the Salesforce community…why not start by attending this year’s Dreamforce?

Geraldine Gray, CEO at Endiem

Q: Alongside being an MVP, you have spoken at multiple Dreamforce events. What do you think are the main benefits of getting involved with the community?

A: There are so many benefits! You will get to do some incredible things that will stretch you professionally and terrify you personally. Salesforce might ask you to appear in a YouTube video talking about Apps, lead sessions at worldwide events, or deliver training. It will be career-enhancing, but far more than that, it will be rewarding and super fun.

There is no other professional community like the Salesforce one. It’s unique. The more you give, the more you get. Get involved!

Gaurav Kheterpal, CTO at MTX Group

Q: As an active member of the Salesforce community, how important do you think the ecosystem is to career advancement?

A: I think it’s very, very important. I have been running a developer user group for about eight years now, and people who originally came to the group just wanting to learn more about Salesforce, now have successful careers working for Salesforce and companies like Google and Amazon. That in itself is a testimony of what the community can do. But it’s not just about learning, it’s also about how people interact with each other and help others in the community. The Salesforce Ohana is unparalleled. I’ve been a part of other ecosystems but this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

For people that are in the Salesforce ecosystem, my advice is to join your local user group, be active in the Trailblazer community and you might not realise it but eventually, it will help you in your career.

Narender Singh, Salesforce Developer at Salesfive Consulting

Q: In your opinion what are the career benefits of getting involved in the Salesforce ecosystem?

A: I’m a product of the Trailblazer Community. The community is truly a blessing. Specifically speaking of career benefits:

  • You can connect and engage with people all across the globe, to explore all kinds of opportunities, from mentorship to employment.
  • Enormous potential to build your personal brand and leadership skills.
  • Engaging with the Community will help improve your Salesforce knowledge so you can be more effective at work.

There are an infinite number of ways that one can benefit from their community involvement. Best part: it’s a lot of FUN!

David Masri, Founder of Gluon Digital

Q: You are an active member of the Salesforce community; speaking at events, running a blog, what do you think are the main career benefits of getting involved with the community?

A: The networking, you meet a lot of great people. …You can do almost as much networking by simply attending a few events and being active on LinkedIn. If you enjoy writing, write. If you enjoy speaking, speak.

If you would like to join these inspiring Trailblazers and participate in our Q&A series, get in touch today!

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