All Your Dreamforce 2021 Questions Answered

With Dreamforce right around the corner, we have compiled some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to help you understand more about this year’s Salesforce mega conference.

Event Information

When and where will Dreamforce take place?

Dreamforce will stream live September 21–23, 2021, exclusively on the new Salesforce+ for FREE to everyone from anywhere.

What can I expect from Dreamforce?

Dreamforce will showcase industry leaders and luminaries, product innovation and demos with Salesforce experts, collections of episodes curated specifically for every role, industry, and key topics, as well as the opportunity to connect with and learn from Trailblazers, give back, and have fun. Don’t miss out on three days, four live broadcast channels, and 100+ hours of on-demand content.

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How do I watch Dreamforce?

You can experience Dreamforce streaming live on Salesforce+, where our best original programming and broadcast experiences are available for free. Sign up now for your free Salesforce+ membership so you’re ready when this service launches this September.

Will content be available on demand after the event?

Yes. Content will be available on Salesforce+ before, during, and after Dreamforce for your viewing pleasure.

Can I attend Dreamforce in person?

Safety is our top priority for every in-person experience, and the in-person experience of Dreamforce is by invitation only so we can ensure compliance with COVID protocols.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for Dreamforce?

Sign up for a free Salesforce+ membership to experience Dreamforce. Use your Trailblazer ID to get started!

If you have any issues, please contact the Dreamforce Help Desk (Monday–Friday: 6:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. PT):

How much does it cost to attend Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is free for anyone to attend this year.

What is Salesforce+?

Salesforce+ is the all-new streaming service that gives you a front-row seat to Dreamforce, our flagship event of the year. Catch all the luminary speakers, customer success, and ground-breaking innovation from anywhere. Membership is free, easy, and available to everyone.i

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What is Trailblazer ID?

Your Trailblazer ID gives you access to a unified profile across the Salesforce ecosystem tailored for you as an individual. Also known as, with your Trailblazer ID you can manage your settings and access multiple Salesforce-related sites with one login. To sign up for Salesforce+, every individual must use or create a Trailblazer ID.

Attendee Services

What accessibility accommodations are available for the broadcast?

During the live broadcast, English captions will be available across all channels via a button in the lower-right corner. There will be American Sign Language (ASL) on the Primetime channel throughout the AMER broadcast.

How do I turn on/off closed captioning?

Click on the gear icon in the player controls and select “English” under Captions. When enabled, captions will appear inside the video player. This can be used to toggle the English captions on or off. If you’re still experiencing an issue, please try refreshing your browser window.


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