Dreamforce 2021 Announcements

This year’s Dreamforce was a little different than usual. With Salesforce’s recently announced streaming service Salesforce+, trailblazers from across the world were able to attend the mega-conference live both from San Francisco and in the comfort of their own home.

But just as with any Dreamforce, this one was filled with exciting innovations and announcements of things to come.

Whilst we can’t believe it’s already been and gone, here are our top highlights from the main show and throughout Dreamforce 2021, that you shouldn’t miss.

Main Show

Welcome to the Trusted Enterprise

To kick-off the keynote speech, CEO Marc Benioff, began by talking about the change we are all going through as both individuals and businesses towards an ‘all-digital work from anywhere world’.

Salesforce isn’t just a business it’s ‘an economy of trust’, and it is you – the amazing and powerful community of 15 million trailblazers – who are driving the ecosystem to a new level. In fact, research by ICD has suggested that this economy is expected to grow and create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new revenue by 2026.

The Trust Crisis

Salesforce is a company built on trust and we are in a trust crisis. With an inequality, environmental sustainability, workforce and pandemic crisis, how can Salesforce and its community address this new world?

“We have to be focused on trust now more than ever before…we are the trustblazers” – Marc Benioff

By utilising the Trusted Enterprise Playbook that focuses on 5 key areas:

  • Trust – one of Salesforce’s core values that is paramount to…
  • Customer first – building direct, trusted relationships with customers is how businesses in this new world will thrive
  • Digital HQ – with the way we work changing, and only a small percentage of the workforce planning to return to the office, digital headquarters are the future of how we work
  • Health & Safety – the recently launched Health Cloud 2.0 made it possible for trailblazers to attend Dreamforce in-person
  • Sustainability – Marc announced as part of the keynote that Salesforce is now not only ‘net zero’ but also fully renewable.

By enabling a customer centric approach, creating digital headquarters, and focusing on environmental sustainability, companies and trailblazers around the world can join Salesforce in tackling this crisis of trust.

You can hear more about how this playbook has transformed IBM, Mercedes, and Engie, into trusted enterprises, from COO of Salesforce, Brett Taylor and special guests by watching the full video here.


Below we’ve short-listed our top 4 Dreamforce 2021 announcements!

  1. Slack Digital HQ innovations
  2. Salesforce introduce three new products to Einstein Automate, that increases their AI offering
  3. Backup and Restore; a new data recovery service native to the platform
  4. New Sales Cloud features that will boost revenue intelligence

That’s a wrap on Dreamforce 2021! Let us know what you’re highlights were in the comments below. Is it too early to start the countdown to Dreamforce 2022?

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