Are You Ready for Dreamforce 2021?

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s main conference which takes place in San Francisco annually. Attracting 170,000+ attendees (in non-COVID times), and taking place over multiple days, it qualifies as one of the largest tech conferences globally.

Dreamforce has earned a reputation as an atypical conference, unlike traditional corporate IT events. The ‘Trailblazers’ (Salesforce professionals) that attend enjoy learning at 2,700+ sessions, networking, and the famous entertainment (a concert featuring a famous headliner, plus many parties to hop in and out of across the city). Dreamforce is a spectacle of the latest Salesforce innovations that never fails to disappoint.

Salesforce is taking a hybrid approach this year. Dreamforce 2021 expects 10,000-20,000 attendees on site in different cities around the world – San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris – known as the “Dreamforce Global Hubs”. 60,000 viewers are expected to attend online, taking the total audience to 80,000 approximately.

Dreamforce 2021 Dates

Dreamforce will take place in San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris. San Francisco is the main location for Dreamforce.

Dreamforce San Francisco key facts:

  • Location: downtown San Francisco, with many of the all-time favorite Dreamforce Campus locations (eg. the Moscone Center, Yerba Buena Terrace, Howard Str. and the St. Regis hotel). Dreamfest will take place at Oracle Park, as it has for a number of years.
  • Sponsors can purchase sponsorship packages that grant a physical booth in a ‘high traffic area’ (ie. partner expo)

Dreamforce New York key facts:

  • Location: Javits Center
  • Driving the ‘Climate Content Track’ with content from the UN General Assembly
  • Capacity: 1,500+ indoors, 750 outdoors.

Dreamforce London key facts:

  • Location: Tobacco Dock
  • UKI Luminary speakers
  • Capacity: 1,000 indoors, 500 outdoors

Dreamforce Paris key facts:

  • The pan-European event, catering to the whole of Europe.
  • Location: Porte de Versailles, Hall 4 (Dreamfest at Le Dome de Paris)
  • Capacity: 5,000 indoors, 500+ outdoors

How to Attend Dreamforce 2021

Getting a conference pass will work differently this year because Dreamforce is reported to be an invite-only event.

  • 10,000-20,000 onsite attendees at the “Dreamforce Global Hubs”
  • 60,000 viewers expected to attend online

Exclusive invitations will be sent to specific people so that Salesforce can maintain their desired composition of attendees – that is, 50% key customers/target prospects, 20% Salesforce employees, 15% from the Salesforce community (MVPs – TBC), 8% partner sponsors, and speakers/special guests making up the remainder. 

Can You Attend Dreamforce 2021 Virtually?

60,000 viewers are expected to attend online (the online eligibility is not confirmed)… and what a treat they will be in for!

The Salesforce events teams have been working on Salesforce+. Think of it as Disney+ meets Peloton.

The previews of the Salesforce+ platform are impressive, however, while still in progress, it would be too premature for us to publish images. Once confirmed, rest assured, we will update this guide.

Dreamforce 2021 Registration

As it stands, Dreamforce 2021 will be an invite-only event to maintain the desired composition of attendees. Think about it, ≈ 30,000 is a far cry from 170,000 attendees from Dreamforce 2019! If this changes, we will update this guide.

Dreamforce 2021 Agenda

Sessions will be broken into two main categories “Roles” and “Industries”:

  • Roles, eg. Sales, Admin, Architect, Marketers, Commerce,
  • Industries – following Salesforce’s big Industry Cloud focus (formerly Vlocity) and subsequent acquisition spree for specialists. C360 and Industries will have a dedicated channel.

Note: this is all subject to change.

Sessions will be broadcast across 3 Salesforce+ channels, a mixture of live, pre-recorded/ scheduled, and pre-recorded/on-demand.

The proposed agenda is impressive, running all-around-the-clock that will take advantage of the overlap in the 4 onsite time zones (continental Europe, the UK, East Coast, and Pacific) and catering to others (eg. APAC).

Dreamforce Networking

Is Dreamforce worth it for networking? 100% yes! Networking is one of the major reasons why people attend Dreamforce. Check out “11 Bullet-proof Networking Questions to use at Dreamforce

Read the full blog at the link below!


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